Good news in the fight against pancreatic cancer | Laura Indolfi

Anyone who has lost a loved one to pancreatic cancer knows the devastating speed with which it can affect an otherwise healthy person. TED Fellow and …


  1. My mommy died from this at age 48. I miss my angel😢 ppl please, take care of yourself, and dont eat sugars please. Dont drink too much coffee, because it spikes insulin constantly and dexydrate the cells from water. Get mr scan often

  2. What she says about why this cancer is so hard to treat makes sense. Very few blood vessels to transport medication.
    The brain has very few blood vessels as well.
    So to my way of thinking, you need to administer a product (not necessarily a drug) via the way that these organs absorb to function. Easier said then done.
    There must be some brainiacs out there that can do it.

  3. My boyfriend had stage 4 pancreatic cancer in 2005. He is alive today by natural herbs and detoxifying. Glands, colan, and cells. The search bar on you tube is the first step.

  4. I wonder if the unusual diet I've followed for eleven years now might help cancer. For eleven years, I have lived more than 90% on fluid milk products, cow milk and cow cream. So every day more than 90% of my diet is some kind of milk–skim, 1%, 2%, whole–plus I sometimes buy pints of half-and-half or fluid whipping cream and drink them straight.

    In my case the diet helps with an eye problem. To put it a little simply, if I eat solid, mixed food my eyes hurt and vision blurs; but if I follow the milk/cream diet, they feel and work okay.

    I don't know all the reasons the milk/cream diet works, but I can explain one based on how my body feels. After you eat your food, the nutrients from the food go into your blood and circulate to the cells to nourish them. It seems to me that although my system does break up solid food it doesn't break it up as thoroughly as milk and cream, and hence when the nutrients from solid food reach the cells they clog and irritate the cells more than the nutrients from milk and cream, leading to pain and dysfunction. In my case the pain and dysfunction show up in my eyes, but I think for other people it might show up in other body areas and ways. I have the idea the milk/cream diet might therefore give relief to many diseases, including cancer, other eye disease, and fibromyalgia. I'm trying to get the medical establishment to test the idea, but that hasn't happened yet, so in the meantime I tell sick people about it thinking it might help them. So you might try the diet to see what it might do for you. It might not help at all, since I don't know of any cancer patient trying it. I tend to think it will help.

    I got this idea from the Masai people of Kenya who live only on milk and beef from their cows. They do have one important rule for food mixing. They say "If a man eats meat and drinks milk on the same day, he is a glutton." So for me I must choose every day whether it will be a beef day or a milk day. I like beef, but prefer milk, so for me every day is a milk day. I really don't know what would happen if I had some beef days, but I've been quite content having them all be milk days.

  5. Hello? There IS A CURE,,! MAX GERSON HAS CURED THOUSANDS IN STAGE 4 pancreatic cancer back in the 20s, because Big Pharma has paid off legislature to NOT disclose the cure! Look into GERSON THERAPY! His daughter Charlotte Gerson is touring the world supporting his successful treatments to thousands!! For over half ndred years! Many successful happy people's testimonies are on YouTube, listen to them! So sad this country DOES NOT know😕

  6. Es la tercera causa de muerte por cáncer y solo un 8% de los Pacientes sobreviven más de Cinco años.
    Esta Es Una cifra muy baja, especialmente si se compara con el Cáncer de Mama donde el índice de supervivencia es casi el 90%.

    Así Que En Realidad no es una sorpresa Que Ser diagnosticado con Cáncer de páncreas SIGNIFICA enfrentarse a una Sentencia de muerte casi segura.

    Lo Que es sorprendente sin embargo, es que En Los Últimos 40 años, esas estadísticas no ha Cambiado en absoluto, si bien se ha avanzado mucho más con Otros Tipos de tumores. ¿Qué hacer para lograr v terapias Más Eficientes para el Cáncer de páncreas?

  7. Although only still in the preclinical stages, this treatment for pancreatic cancer sounds very promising! Coming from a very small town that has lost two mothers in the past year to this disease, I am very excited to hear of advancements that may help to fight against such a devastatingly fatal type of cancer. With chemotherapy currently being used as the sole treatment of pancreatic cancer, the development of  a new, more effective treatment should be an urgent matter. The location and access of blood vessels of the pancreas create many problems that nearly eliminate the effectiveness of surgery and chemotherapy. However, by attempting to use chemotherapy, the rest of the body suffers, often leaving the individual without the bodily strength to continue the fight. Through the use of this new device, there will no longer be a need for tiring and destructive chemotherapy. Instead, the device will specifically target the tumor on the pancreas, hopefully bringing about a cure for this disease. Through the development of this device, the outlook for this type of cancer may not look so grim, and the survival rate will certainly increase about 8% after 5 years. We can only hope and pray that the device is successful enough to make it through the clinical stages!

  8. …Or maybe you shouldent force more babies into the world then there wouldent be any more human problems.

    Normal folk wont ever admit this, they clinge to a life that has no objective purpose or greater depth. It is a sad reality.

  9. What about metastasis? Many pancreatic cancers are diagnosed late, and are already metastasized. How will local chemotherapy solve anything here? Whipple surgery (removal of galbladder, duodenum, head of the pancreas and sometimes part of the stomach) is already being widely implemented to remove local pancreatic cancer tumors.

  10. Cannabis oil kills cancer. Cannabis oil kills cancer. It is real, it works, it is safe. Does BigPharma want a cure for cancer? How many jobs would be lost if there were no more cancer? Does the AMA want a cure for cancer? Cannabis oil cures people from cancer.

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