1. Lollllllllllllllllllll shit toooooo funny only bc he wants get on ig and say he was sleepie lolllllllllllll no you fucking junkie that’s drugs !!!!! And it’s not no damn weed

  2. thats not dope he obviously had not been 2 sleep in over 24 hours Dex aint on no heroin stop the bullshit this would happen 2 anybody who refuses to sleep the body will get that sleep one way or another it dont care if you on live playing the game driving etc once your body reaches its awake limit & the minute you sit or lay on something soft ur gone

  3. Never in my days of being dead tired have I fell asleep sitting up and didn't pop out of it like "oh shit", he came back to reality very calmly, almost sure he was high and exhausted

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