“Drug Abuse: Meeting the Challenge” (1987) Reel America® Preview

Saturday 10pm & Sunday 4pm ET – The National Institute on Drug Abuse produced this 1987 film to highlight recent findings regarding the causes, treatment …


  1. Legalize everything. You can't regulate morality. Portugal decriminalized all drugs and not only did drug use decrease but diseases contracted from IV drug use declined as well. Let private corporations distribute the drugs instead of criminal enterprises and make our country safer. Not only reducing crime here on our streets but also stop supporting the terrorists growing poppies overseas. The only people that benefit from the war on drugs are the private prison industry and the police that seize the assets of american citizens.

  2. Marijuana is not a drug it prevent seizures in kids that have problems and adults that have problems.. CDC is a lieing destructive group of individuals that just want to cause persecution in America that's the exact reason they claim marijuana has no health benefits yet we can prove that it prevents children from having seizures that just shows the CDC is a liar and cannot be trusted on any issue. Anybody who actually trust the CDC is completely brainwashed

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