Do You Need a $350 Rice Cooker? — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

Esther Choi stops by the test kitchen to help Cliff pick the best rice cooker. Can Cliff’s 10-year-old aroma rice cooker outperform the $350 Zojirushi rice cooker?


  1. Can never convince me to pay that kind of money for stuff like that. I have a Teflon coated electric rice cooker for 40 bucks and works great. The case you’re making is of course nonsense. Any Asian knows how to measure water to rice ratio and is only a matter three four trials to get it perfect to your liking rice every time. Gosh for three or four hundred dollars you can start an argument with your mother in law bc she decided to give it a good cleaning after warming up soup and a nice scour. 40 bucks i’d just buy another one.

  2. That's a bottom level/old rice cooker. The modern cheap rice cookers have non-stick pots and when they click ready they are 9/10 times unless too much water has been added.

  3. If you are asian and/or have a family that eats a lot of rice, you would definitely invest in an expensive rice cooker. Rice tastes better and lasts longer. If you don’t notice then you don’t eat enough rice

  4. why is she allowed to say the world ass, on video… and by the way, rice is not healthy. if you have the money just eat proteins and vegetables, no grains, you'll live long

  5. Question for people who use rice cookers, are you only suppose to add just rice and water, or can you you ad something like tomato sauce with it? (That's pretty much how I ate rice for as long as I could remember)

  6. I really want to upgrade I have a 5 year old Zoujirushi Micron ($129ish) and its amazing, but the Pressurized version will probably hold the rice for an extra day to two. Then micron is good for about 3 days.

  7. I think I am the one for the 350.00 rice cooker!! Oh my I am not sure how I feel about that because I would have bought the 40.00 one. I use the microwave. And steaming time is very important.

  8. I dont get it, how would this compare to say boiling it in a pot the normal way without a rice cooker? I mean I do it that way and it comes out good every time. Why spend money on something so specific?

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