Danganronpa V3 – Part 16 – Plants for Hire

Hello everyone and welcome to Danganronpa V3 and today, things continue to unfold in this deadly class trial of truth and lies, hope and despair, and off …


  1. Fun fact: In a DR comic story (which I don't recommend because the anthology stories are spoilers), Miu creates a pillow for Shuichi to practice his Psyche Taxi. In his dreams, it begins as Shipping Fuel with Kaede.

  2. When Monotaro is referring to "Square got eaten by the competition", he's talking about Squaresoft, the company that fused with Enix and became Square Enix! Which is confirmed by Monophanie's next line, "After that terrible movie, they had no other choice": she's referring to "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within", a movie that cost Squaresoft a huge amount of money but ended up doing terribly, therefore becoming one more reason for the fusion with Enix.

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