Airis Tick Premium Cannabis e Juice Vaporizer Review

Airis Tick Premium Cannabis e Juice Vaporizer Review Learn more/ purchase one: The Tick from Airis is a very …


  1. 5 Stars for the Airis Tick… Really?? Guess you did not put a full gram cartridge in it. Lid will not close with either fitting , no fitting and several different style cartridges. I purchased one because of your poor review. Thank you

  2. Just get a Ooze Duplex. Its got a bigger battery (1000 mah rather than 650), it can vape both wax cartridges and concetrate, and it can hold 1 gram cartridges as where this one cant close on full gram cartridges

  3. Just got one delivered the other day. I really like the old zippo lighter feel with the flip top with a magnet to keep closed and secured. It hits just as he demoed, great little device! Oh, it also has a pre-heat mode, click twice it activates and glows red then shifts to green when heated. Thanks for the vid

  4. I’m gonna pick one of these up nice and concealed battery for my carts. And can you make a video on how to make your own oil for cartridges, please and thank you.

  5. What a retarded design, who wants to puff with the cap right in your cheek…cool design otherwise but you're better off just buying an ego style battery with a 510 connector that has twice the battery capacity and none of the bullshit, can crank up your voltage manually

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