1210 Samantha and Neil Autoflower Grow-Dutch Passion

How to Grow Medical Marijuana for those that live in legal states. This site is to teach you how to grow your own medicine. We do not encourage any type of drug …


  1. Coming to the end of 2018 I'd thought that I'd deeply thank both Neil and Samantha for all their devoted work that they do in order to make us all not just better growers but better individuals. Since starting my medical garden I've found that there's something inspirational for the mind in having a garden of Cannabis. I thought I was a pretty good grower and knew a lot about Cannabis until I found into Neil. He takes it to another level because of a lifetime of experience. I always refer new and experienced growers to Grow Pot Cheaply. It's a wealth of information. I hope that Neil doesn't mind. I'm not being compensated in any form to show this Company but for a long time now I've been putting these dietary supplements into my eating habits every day. I just buy organic. Hemp has all the nutrients as well as high protein that you need. The omega oils are a perfect blend and keep your arteries and tubes cleaner. Thanks once again to Neil and Samantha.

  2. What are you going to grow next? Thanks for the info on the Drip system.. I have bought most of the items I need from watching your video, BUT what kind of recirculating pump should i get? Do I need one? We here are hoping that we have what your going to grow next, so we can go step by step with you and your wife. She is doing very well.

  3. I have cats and i clean my plants a few times a week because of their hair. I do this cause my first few runs i had hairs IN the bud cause i didnt bother to clean the ladies and i totally regret it. My cats dont come in my room and i still find hair😪 your ladies look gorgeous btw!! Youre a inspiration!

  4. Hey guys I NEED HELP I'm using your nutrient system on your free course WHICH IS THE SHIT BTW but I'm doing it with nft got gg from fastbuds she's huge but won't stop growing. Not a bad thing I know but I don't want it to go too far how do you tell when it's done

  5. Excellent outstanding informative just love this one. Star pattern on the buds ,  bud chat, strain chat with the breeder and the epsom salt instruction thumbs up man.

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