1. I was 25 an I use to masturbate 4 time in one day I didn't have girlfriend an I wasn't getting laid as much so could I do they was Dark Days just year or some ago I stop so now I went cold turkey so now I don't masturbate it's big Difference I noticed Definitely after I stop Masturbating for 2 weeks to 3 weeks I went from nomb erection penis to halfway erection penis to full size erection Superman penis hahaha but i use masturbate everyday sometime 3 to 4 times day but slow to every night then I stop doing it cold turkey my experience was bad when I hookup with really Beautiful girl I liked an I couldn't keep my penis hard enough she why wasn't I getting hard she told couldn't fuck it really hurt my feeling for couple months I was hurting myself by Masturbating all those lonely cold Nights I wish it back but I can't but now I'm doing way way better also I didn't have sex for year an I was working Night Shift an I wasn't getting that much sleep I was like Real Fucking Zombie when that happen to me but I'm having more sex with women I'm getting Better you live an you learn 💪😎

  2. Hey, you're my favorite YouTube channel. I'm in the gym and you once showed your physique in a pic. It was inspiring. You should share more things like that to your subscribers. Makes me work harder in the gym. Thanks for info.

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