Why I Don’t Promote Companion Planting

I get asked almost daily about companion planting and what plants do better next to others. This confusing topic not only hurts beginning gardeners but also isn’t …


  1. SO YOURE AN EXPERT ON THIS MATTER? lol, you are the same, you are here to get views, why call them giving false information. lol just give us your input about companion planting, do not bash others who does it, you talk a lot anyways without proof, youre all talk, i will never watch your videos again but dont worry, ill still buy seed from you, SMH, he said stop searching for these things, i suggest stop watching this guy!!! his contents started to become a video bitching about others… so negative!!! not good to see it on a sad winter day!!

  2. Thank you. I have been prepping for a few months now, and companion planting was causing a tremendous amount of confusion. Also, what crop to plant before or after for better quality soil..😟
    First time gardening in Orlando Florida.

  3. Yeah so I thought that what you’re calling “smart planting” was “companion planting”. I was never under the impression that people were saying the plants communicate. The same reasons you gave we’re the same as everyone else you’re just being a bit more broad, which is fine of course.

  4. The laws of Moses prohibited mixed wool and linen garnments…also breeding different species also planting mixed seeds…nature has companion in a meadow but why not in farming…..wild companions most big agriculture is monoculture planting…….issues?

  5. lol i remember years ago planting marigolds to deter this or that and making garlic sprays to deter this or that pest … never worked for me and i dont like marigolds either, i hated the way my garden looked lol … yeah i wrote all this stuff off as something way overdone and marketed to pple who dont know better. Im sure there are cases where plants compliment each other but calling them buddies is going a bit far.. and all those weird combinations are annoying to look at a lot of the time.

  6. I do practice planting marigolds everywhere in the garden. It seems to help and it looks great. I don’t really know what Im doing and have only gardened for a couple seasons. Everything seems to work out fine 😉. Its only a garden for heavens sake.

  7. smart planting: mixing heavy heeders with light feeders. I know sme plants can deplete the soil of certain nutrients while others don't. That's why their is crop rotation. Yes?

    mixing hot or spicy plants, with mellow or sweet plants. Does one affect the other?

  8. Dude, this has to be the most confusing (contradicting) video you have made thus far. I love your videos but this one is definitely going to confuse newbie gardeners. I inter plant with a lot of herbs, chop and drop plants, (Dynamic accumulators- phytoaccumulation/hyperaccumulation), nitrogen fixing plants, and various flowers and other plants, my reasoning behind this is for a living mulch to minimize weeds, food for pollinators, deterrent for bad guys, food for the soil food web, etc…. I try to focus on bio-diversity. Call this companion planting, bio-intensive planting, poly culture whatever. I think the phrase "Companion Planting" is more vast with more than one description than you understand? This year I planted a few Guilds that are working out well. I guess a Guild can be Companion planting as well.

    Thank you for taking the time to make these videos.

  9. It sounds like this guy has no idea what he's talking about. There's lot of good resources and scientific studies. Apart of millions of successful permagardens around the world. Look up "legumes" for starters.

  10. They only communicate in a natural environment where natural selection is taking place. By competition. Gardeners in general neglect what trees and shrubs do to a garden. Simply put, if you look at a 20 year period that is how you would have to manipulate everything. There is in every environment a perfect time for each species but only according to every other factor before one wins. Companion planting doesn't work because we are manipulating and seeding ourselves, something that only wants to fight to live. Can't control fate. Can control a single season and then control the next. Control is a simple environment where we take charge of organization. Thus companion planting is just way too much thinking

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