1. Thank you so much Dr Dray! ❤ I have been looking at these CBD oils popping up on sites lately (can I smell a 2019 "CBD-oil-in-everything" trend incoming? 😉) and I have been wondering how it compares to for instance, Rosehip oil. The itch relief is a very interesting addition and I will recommend this to my members of my family with eczema acting up now during winter to try out as a complement.
    Your knowledge is really a goldmine for the rest of us mere mortals lost in PR campaigns and false claims companies make on daily a basis. Again, thank you so much for sharing! ❤

  2. Dr. Dray, thank you for this video! CBD oils are popping up in pharmacies and boutiques in Pittsburgh, and I have been so curious about the skincare slant. There's a local company that is making their own skin care blends with CBD oil, and anecdotal evidence (customer feedback via before & after photos) points to decreased acne, etc.

  3. As a Lupus patient CBD has become a life saver for my skin and those random aches and pains. Doc says it doesn't interfere with my treatment plan and I feel like my pharmaceuticals just work better because overall I'm more stable. In Texas, I love John's CBD and Holistic Xtracts. I have a friend that swears by HempWorx and my brother in law uses Charlottes Web.

  4. Dr Dray a lot of sunscreens in the UK don’t say broad spectrum but they do say UVA and UVB coverage- is this the same as meaning broad spectrum so will be ok to use? Have seen a chemical banana boat kids one today that says UVA/UVB , SPF 50 . Many thanks

  5. This is super, super helpful for me, because I tend to have exercise induced itch, particularly over my legs. I will try the CBD/hemo seed oil before exercise to hopefully reduce the itch. If I've been exercising regularly, the itch isn't as likely to happen, but while I'm getting back into shape, it's extremely uncomfortable to the point where I can't continue exercising until the itch calms down.

  6. Have you come across any studies related to keloid scars and CBD oil treatment? My mom suffers from large keloid scars that itch and burn. No dermatologist has been able to help her yet.

    P.s. I just found your channel and am a second year medical student interested in dermatology. I’ll definitely be binging your videos over my holiday break! You’re an inspiration!

  7. I see you have the anti aging skin care YouTube community in your comments.really cool.iv seen almost all of them in the comments before.your Chanel is doing really great.iv been following you for about a year and a half.its really cool to see your hard work pay off. And your getting pr now. Most YouTubers also get full of themselves and I also wanted to say it's noticable how humble you remain. Love your Chanel.very beneficial. The community loves you. I hope you and your mom have a great Christmas

  8. I first got in contact with pure Hemp seed oil for my post-surgical ciatica. Mine smelled and tasted like car oil, it's from a well-known brand in Spain. I stopped taking it since it did not provide any pain relief for me. Then, I started reading about its usage on skin, and gave it a try. It worked great on my rosacea, but again, stopped when diagnosed with SD.

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