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  1. Dr. Nissen's arguments were almost flabbergasting! Surely the truth about a person's condition must be the only appropriate starting point for a diagnoses and dealing with reality – what is wrong with him!?

  2. I have 3 stents in my left main coronary artery around the first fork – It works perfectly and I'm extremely grateful towards the doctors who made it possible and the people who gave their lives in the process of finding the right method!
    It's a wake up call and now I rarely eat sugar, fast carbs or seed oils prone to oxidation, but whole foods and healthy fats and meats, and I don't eat statins or any of that crap that just makes you even worse off – eat healthy, sleep regularly, exercise and live without too much chaos in your life and you'll have done what you can, just enjoy the ride from there:)

  3. Hard to trust anything from the medical industry in the USA as all for profit. The whole system is designed to keep people ill. These scans do look very good though

  4. Had a score of 1825 they put me back on a Statin and high blood pressure medicine I've been on a keto diet for 6 months blood sugar is normal A1C normal CRP normal lost 20 pounds don't know what to do now hate statins and BP medications any advice would be appreciated going on vitamin K2 mk-7 and EDTA chelation therapy just oral no Dr. to do IV In my area will this help

  5. I will start by saying that the Cleveland Clinic saved my life through heart surgery in 2010. I originally thought it was a blessing to have the premier heart facility of the world in my back yard. Recently I have discovered a conflict of interest between big Pharma/ MDs and alternative thinking to better health. I told one of my Cleveland Clinic doctors that I would like to stop my statins after discovering the possible side effects that I seemed to be having and I got the condescending response. I don't know what the answer is but cutting people open when it's almost too late only benefits the money makers. Not enough science and research is being performed on naturopathic strategies to prevent this problem in the first place.

  6. How does it save the hospital's money to reduce the number of procedures that they perform? They're not doing the procedures for free. They're getting paid for them. It would be the patients who are saving money by reducing the number of procedures.

  7. I was willing to get one [CAC] on my own, but when I asked my Dr, he was willing to order it. Turns out my score was moderate risk- all in the LAD, widow maker artery. I was already on Keto for 5 months. I had been on a low dose of statin, and the Dr wanted to double it. After doing tons of reading, it doesn't seem that taking a statin prevents the laying down of more plaque…so I am resisting.

  8. Yep, my older brother had only one… No fun living without these people in your life. I workout three times a week and get scanned at least once every two years. I am working on KETO, two years now dropped 26 pounds (from 186 to 160). So far I have dumped all the carbs and sugar.

  9. There seems to be a misunderstanding of the Dr. Nissen's motives here as he's presented as a villain. I think he's misguided but his point is not well conveyed in the documentary.. The final case study where the patient gets a scan and basically has no intervention but changes his lifestyle from "doing everything right" to going on a "punishing regime" yet still goes up from a score of 900 to 1000 over 2 years is illustrative. Did the scan affect his outcome? That's actually a much harder question to answer than it appears, and when spending dollars on health the cost benefit question should be asked. The Texas senator was given a double bypass and one hopes that that intervention improved his outcome, but again you don't get that information from an anecdote. A study to answer that question is difficult, expensive and takes time to conduct. That said it seems there needs to be a standard for acceptance of a diagnostic technique that determines risk that does not need to wait on the establishment of an improved outcome of an intervention. Is the diagnostic technique accurate and predictive of risk? That should be the standard, before one leaps over intervention to outcomes. If an accurate predictive diagnostic does not help outcomes then roll your sleeves up and fix the interventions, don't impede the diagnostic because an intervention regime is less than effective or the longer term research data is not in yet. Failing to perform the most accurate diagnosis because it's not yet proven that knowing that information leads to an improved long term outcome after the intervention is clearly a vexing and flawed philosophy. The flip side is of course that tests can get very expensive and you don't want to conduct many tests unnecessarily or expose yourself to unnecessary X-rays unless there is a tangible benefit, but evidence I've seen suggests this calcium scan is highly accurate as a predictor of risk so should be on the table for those who want it done.

  10. I can't imagine my life without a stent. It was bad to the point where I was almost immobile with shortness of breath and indigestion.  The stent may not have prolonged my life but it sure improved my symptoms.

  11. I have just recently gone into living a ketogenic life. 5 weeks now. My health was good – but I was daily taking 13 different pills for this and for that – as a precaution, I was informed. I have since given my doctor a copy of Dr.s Phinney & Volek's book "The Art and Science of Low-Carbohydrate Living" and asked for, and got, a CAC scan. Now awaiting the results thereof. Wish me luck !!

  12. Clev Clinic Dr. had to make it personal. His ego is dangerous…. He brings no evidence to support his opinion, just hyperbole. The other Dr's are trying to make a real difference, even if imperfect in their approach. This why the med field is so hated by many. Guys like this…..

  13. Nice edit, Ivor, easier for people to watch in the short version. At some point it looks like those with high scores will need traditional intervention, such as David. When it is clearly indicated why avoid it? Why play the numbers and take the risk when the risk is high? I have a score of '9' and I"m refining my lifestyle to keep it under '10' – but I imagine there is only so much you can do and if you're over 1,000, you may need intervention instead of playing the odds.

  14. That guy at the end, David Bobbett, says he worked really hard to improve his health, but his 2nd calcium score was higher than the first. Wonder why. I expected him to say it was lower. Why would the film makers not show a bunch of people who had high scores, then who improved their diets and cut out carbs, etc, and whose 2nd scan produced a lower score ??????? I mean, that is the point of having the scan, is it not? Find out you have a high score, do something to improve your clogged arteries, and a 2nd scan showing that you are moving in the right direction. That Bobbett guy almost proved the point of the stent guy !!

  15. Love your videos and recommended them to chiropractor who is also into your type of eating. I had a CT scan because my cholesterol was high and my cardiologist wanted me to. I only have lone afib, no heart disease. My score was almost 0. He almost fell off his chair as he was certain I would have plaque! But the interesting thing is I didn't necessarily do keto or really low carb. Probably somewhere in between but my diet was basically good. As a child I ate the typical american diet with lots of sugar. So there's seems to be more going on here in relation to plaque?

  16. So the only treatment is slowing it down??? The gentleman at the end who went in for a 2nd scan went from a score of 906 to over 1000 and said he did everything right, has me puzzled. How is accumulating more calcium doing things right? If he puts on over 100 points each year or two, that would still put him in a very dangerous level in a matter of years. I would think he would be able to either, bypass and remove the calcium or find a way to dissolve the calcium build up.

  17. Am I right in my impression that Joseph Loscalzo, MD blocked the American Heart Association's approval of the calcium CT-scan method out of spite because one MD had anticipated its approval to the press and that his decision resulted ultimately in more Americans dying of heart failure as the number of Jews who died in the Holocaust? Watch beginning at minute 35:22.

  18. I paid $86 out-of-pocket to get a CAC scan and consider it a bargain. If you can get your insurance to pay for it, great. However, this is one instance where being thrifty would be foolish. Do whatever you need, in order to get one – even if you have to pay for it yourself.

  19. Woohoo – got my CAC score back that I requested all on my own and only cost $75.

    I have a perfect 0.0% calcium score at age 62. Given my outstanding blood labs arising from Keto IF my triglycerides are way down to 45 mg/dL and HDL is way up to 106 mg/DL and only a slightly elevated LDL (more likely the fluffy non-dense pattern) at 110 mg/dL. BP at 106/63 @48 BPM resting heart rate (the latter manifest after doing intense cardio/HIIT and eating clean).

    Silly doctor told me to get my cholesterol down LOL! I tried to explain to him that my HDL was so high that it made my total cholesterol look a tad high but I was not worried in the least by it (knowing its a bogus risk marker sans nutritional induced fast-carb/glucose inflammation). He frowned and tried to schedule me for another check up in 6 months. Note: I was previously pre-diabetic II with peripheral neuropathy at HbA1c 6.6% (now down to 4.5% after going LCHF and doing intense gym resistance-training and cardio/HIIT sprints). Lost 85 lbs over 20 months down to 11% BF and stronger at any prior time in life – amazing athletic levels of strength (e.g. 1000 lb leg presses). I said to doctor – "no thank, will call you when I think I need you."

  20. Three months back I asked my GP to prescribe a CAC scan. He said no. The closest place that will offer it sans physician's note is too far to travel (I live a few miles from Loma Linda, btw). I found another GP more in line with my thinking on health and wellness who gave me a note to get one done. About $200, but worth every penny, I believe. Thank you, Ivor, for posting this film!!

  21. Dr. Rothberg goes on to explain that for patients with stable disease, local interventions can only relieve symptoms; they do not prevent future myocardial infarctions. To be clear, at least 12 randomized trials conducted between 1987 and 2007, involving more than 5,000 patients, have found no reduction in myocardial infarction attributable to angioplasty in any of its forms. And yet, despite this overwhelming evidence, the plumbing model, complete with blockages that can be fixed, continues to be used to explain stable coronary disease to patients, who understandably assume that angioplasty or stents will prevent heart attacks—which they patently do not.

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