The science of psilocybin and its use to relieve suffering

Leading psychopharmacologist Roland Griffiths discloses the ways that psychedelic drugs can be used to create spiritually meaningful, personally …


  1. where can i get in touch with you, for help, for a person so dear to me , who has for one thing adhd and ptsd. im looking at cbd oil at the moment, dont want pharmaceuticals if not necessary . i am a very caring , distressed parent. thankyou

  2. For me everything has failed when it comes to treating my severe CPTSD and depression, (amongst many other mental illness's). I am researching more on the subject of micro-dosing with mushrooms and your information was received wonderfully. Thank you Dr Griffiths for your incredibly important research. Much blessing to you…

  3. Watch Dr Abrham Hoffer feed your head Try nician first for depression ,
    I’ve done mushrooms They’re great , I would rather do them when I’m not depressed
    Nician takes a little bit to kick in
    3 days for me

  4. I’ve had bad depression, anxiety, and PTSD tried meds where if I didn’t take them for an hr after I was supposed to it felt like I had brain zaps was the worst ever. Took psilocybin and now I stopped my medication no more depression and all in all just more positive outlook on life and feeling better and getting better. Don’t judge on something you haven’t experienced and I would recommend a normal dose to anyone just for an experience as well.

  5. Does it mean when you are treating yourself for anxiety and panic attacks? Is it something you have to take every year? Or six months? Does the chemicals in the brain come back to its original imbalance?

  6. Wow this was so insightful. I have been at the end of my rope for quite some time and came across mushrooms. I have PTSD, severe depression and OCD. I am also taking an SSRI. I tried ayahuasca and san pedro in Peru however they both did not appear to work for me because of a lot of resistance and fear. Does anybody have any advice or recommendations? I cant continue to suffer this way.

  7. When the older, retarded generation, by which i mean somewhere above 50 – who can't seem to reason properly and who are afraid of truth and afraid to think for themselves, atleast when it comes to going against the system in any way – dies off and sane people start to come into power, the world will become a much better place.

  8. they are saying what anyone who has dosed more than one time have known. not to this level im sure. this spokesman is just using different words than  " far out man" or " out of this world " , trippy stuff dude"  or " peace out" if theyd only listened to the hippies of the sixties!!

  9. It is plain simple. Ego causes diseases, DMT, Psylicybin, LSD causes ego death causing relieve from suffering. That is why it's banned. Our culture is based on ego (consume, produce, stress, illness). Accepting these 'drugs' will cause collapse of a system. Especially the medical industry.

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