The Keys to Get Consumer’s Attention in 2019 | Warsaw Poland, 2018 Keynote

If you don’t adapt to the shifts in consumer attention, you will lose. There are so many people who are wasting money in marketing every single day because …


  1. A lot of people are getting answers from Gary that they are not expecting and there's an awkward moment of silence between answers.

    Some of these people aren't even listening to his answers.

  2. I’m a Polish but this Q&A session was really embarrassing. We really have many talented and successful engineers, programmers, managers, analysts, data scientist, etc. working in our beautiful country and abroad and holding their head high… but apparently none of them came to this event 😉 It’s a shame people! You had so much time with Gary and you just wasted it!

  3. He’s right about the fake/inflated economy. Everyone is selling and everyone is buying and everyone is expanding, myself included to some extent. I’m 35 years old and of course I remember the depression or the recession. Paycuts and layoffs.

  4. Buddy asking the eBay question: eBay is like life, the store overview is like your mindset. Just go all in, if you had doubts, the eBay business is not for you. I am all in with my very successful eBay business, but I am also all in with my brand.

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