1. We’re all flesh, blood and bones. Blacks, Whites, Asians it doesn’t matter we’re all human. Yes there are bad officers out there, I don’t deny their wrong doing but I also know violence isn’t the answer either. Please no hate god bless y’all

  2. I watched it today n the movie i cryed the whole time i got scared when the boy got shot i cant stoo thinking bout it bit everything that happend felt so true n it was like the real world

  3. No snitching applies and it makes it easier for cops to kill us. That culture is a culture that was passed down from slavery and it taught us genetically to fight each other. If we stop killing each other we can live longer and make it harder for them to kill us on paid leave. Lets stick together y'all. We got to see our brothers and sisters for who they are and live longer. Thats the best revenge. We may struggle from time to time but we need to teach each generation to be stronger, greater and more powerful by living and educating ourselves beyond belief. They are wrong but so is the no snitching homophobic culture in the black community. We are all descendants of our ancestors that were slaves and all of our lives matter so if a gay mans life doesn't matter to you then thats the hate you give just like the irony in the movie gives. Yes Im openly gay and I've contributed to society in ways unimaginable for someone like me who has been through hell and back. Stop preaching black lives matter when you hate gay people or disagree with gay people because a single gay man with no children is a productive member of society that can turn a whole generation around with the live he or she gives with the platform of devoting his or her life to bettering the life of humanity in general. Yes there is some elements of me in this post but I think its important to tell my story since our lives are usually short or unrecognizable to our white counter parts and to our own brothers and sisters. UNAPOLOGETICALLY BLACK UNAPOLOGETICALLY GAY!! BLACK GAY AND PROUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #thehateugive

  4. Last night I watch the hate you give it a baby cry and cry with what happened and I was crying and crying about that in and it never ever stop see allow with sleep every day you have to be strong and you had to be not scared and always be kind a know when your brother leave to go to college and it made me cry because when he went to college to find out why is it in the boy with your friend

  5. I really hate the subliminal they used with having her with the white bf. They refuse to make movies with a strong black female that can also have a black boyfriend. Too often blacks marry and have children with whites and lose their identity. Trust me a white spouse will have an issue with their half black child teaching and supporting the Black Panther Party 10 point program.

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