1. I am very similar when it comes to alcohol. Of course, I started drinking when I was younger (experimenting) and my first time being intoxicated when I was 18 and I drunk too much gin–thinking that the little amount would not have much of an effect and not REALLY realizing just how little of some beverages it takes to get that buzz. But after the first time–I get cravings for it wanting that buzz to hide from my problems and as a crutch to me being extremely introverted. I am not an alcoholic, but I do have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol.

  2. I never thought the Peter meth storyline was that bad, it is a realistic scenario, and even at his age where experimentation seems appealing on top of it. We'd all literally be saints if we never had troubles in life or never did anything that was "bad for us".. I'm glad he never got hooked enough to the point he would have struggled much harder to get off, or even worse commit a crime that could put him in jail. As for what you said about your life I can kinda relate. Sometimes when I get depressed or angry I buy small things to calm me down and eventhoe it does work temporary (usually like $10 or less since I'm far from rich to be dropping a lot of money for everything I want in the world) , I know I'm gonna have to face whatever problem at head at some point. I used to do the long walking stuff too to clear my mind but is it really considered self harm?? (That's a new aspect to that activity), and even the drinking thing I used to drink more then I do now but oddly enough beer never got me that drunk, and eventually I was just like "I don't crave alcohol anymore, I just want to be a healthier person" (I never considered myself an addict because I was able to stop quite fast) .. if I drink now it's only literally a few times a year and its moderate

  3. I like your take on the story. I think I find his binge of meth ridiculous because of his acting, and it was just in between some terrible seasons. However, I'll look at this time in a different light and see that it made at least some sense for Peter to be attracted to meth.

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