Our favourite time of the year (HARVEST TIME!)

Our favourite time of the year, harvest time! IF you could walk through this field with anyone, past, present or future, who would it be? And what would you talk …


  1. Is he growing this for food? Those flowers aren't psychoactive?

    Also, please don't wait for your trichomes to "turn yellow" to harvest. All this means is that your trichomes are degrading and the THC is being broken down into useless compounds.

    Harvest when cloudy. This usually occurs when a few are amber but not many. If you've got more than 10% amber, you messed up. Pull asap.

  2. Hi there, very beautiful clips you do.ARE YOU IN SPAIN OR IN WICH COUNTRY ARE YOU GROWING YOUR PLANTS? I have started to buy CBD oils from Endoca,…and i am still figuring out wich Product is Best for the needs of my dogs,..and myself. one dog has epilepsy and one is very allergic to dust,…of all things. i would like to use one of your skin Products as well but because you use Rosmary, wich is highly allergenic i am too scared to use it in my dog,…..maybe for the future you'll create a Balm without it so i can buy it too. anyway i think you do a great Job and Endoca is a beautiful Company

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