Monster Cropping, Cloning During Flowering Stage – Growing Cannabis 201: Advanced Grow Tips

What is monster cropping cannabis plants? Learn the basics behind taking clones from flowering stage cannabis plants, revegging flowering bud clones to grow …


  1. I have a space of 2,5'x2,5 'and height 5', and I want to grow 1 plant, would I buy a 300w lamp, without veg and bloom switch? or would I buy a 600w lamp with a veg and bloom switch? Place help me, I do not want to burn my plant, but I do want to have a decent yield :d

  2. Great vid as always. I did try this with 100% negative results. However what i did with a spare plant as a experiment was put a 3 week old veging plant into flower for a week then back into veg for 2 weeks then back into flower. Its been under flower now for 3 weeks and i have already started to support it due to size.
    Shame we cant add photos to our comments.

  3. Be prepared to prune and clean-up your girls like you never have before, especially if those girls are in pots larger than 7 gallons. I routinely MC every other flower period and spend hours cleaning my girls up twice a week in 15 gallon pots. With that said, my yields speak for themselves come harvest time. Also, some strains handle MC'ing better than others and that's something people tend to overlook. What worked great with one particular strain, may not be the best option for another. In my experience, sativa dominant strains are a pain to tend to in flower when they hit their stretch. Happy holidays and happy growing!

  4. Ironic I actually took some clones before my last Harvest.
    Every attempt of clothing I me I have failed mostly because I took the cheap route and use Pier honey as a cloning gel.
    Some of the leaves are yellowing, I heard that means the plant is taking energy from the leaves and using as root growth….??

  5. I have two plants I decided to take last minute from a plant I harvested. They are the weirdest looking plants I’ve ever seen 😂. They are like minny palm trees and have grown so many tops on their own . It’s been very interesting seeing them grow. No matter what they end up yielding in the end.

  6. Nice video have monster dropped a few times and this video pretty much covered everything that I already knew but it was nice hearing it from another grower. Thanks for the video keep up the great work.

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