1. I usually like your posts but you just talked way too much about bullshit ! Keep it real and keep it to the point πŸ‘ not your best work. I hope you get the point ✌️

  2. It feel so great to be in the offensive. Everytime I see a title like this it just makes the world feel right. Now that we got progressives in the House, we can start kicking some ass so in 2020 we can take over the Senate.

  3. β€œI’ve often said I’ve never met a middle class tax cut I don’t like.” In any sane political system, Kyle would be relatively conservative 😁 thank you for this video Kyle!

  4. I don't understand how you guys think… as in Muricans… here in the UK it's called National Insurance. It is a tax yes, but you guys on the Murican left need to explain it simple as you replace your private insurance with national insurance and you save money! Done. A new type of insurance that is offered by the state and is way cheaper than any private one! And it has low to no deductibles.

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