1. This gentlemen is right but the funny part is watching Joe tap dance around agreeing with him when he says the opposite when someone else is on the show. Could he be more of a spine less shill now? I recall when he was a progressive comedian who had a good head on his shoulders.

  2. You trump tards are gonna get a nice shock once Mueller concludes this investigation. You voted for a con man operated by Putin, excellent judgment, such a land of the free and home of the morons.

  3. Does Lessig regard the liberal media as significantly more accurate than the conservative? Sure, I may be wrong, but it appears to me that both 'sides' are there to conduct ideological battles on issues that whatever the outcome, the money stream into TPTB pockets isn't compromised. If the left were talking about the MI complex or wealth disparity, I might not feel that way, but the only major media figure that even acknowledges the potentially existential issues (except climate change) is, almost unbelievably, Tucker Carlson.

  4. Which Conservative BILLIONAIRE owned CORPORATE Media is Considered 'left'?? MSNBC Promoted Trump and Blacked Out Bernie. Nothing says lefty news like having a former Right Wing Congressman for 4 Hours in the Morning. Idiots confusing Pro Corporate ESTABLISHMENT with 'Left'.

  5. Let's see, all non conservative news outlets only discussed just how big Hillary's landslide would be. Fox like outlets never said trump was going to win but they did tell us that the real polls were much closer than reported on leftist platforms. Fox thought and continuously said that hillary had a great chance of winning. Well we know how lying to the public with BS called expert analysis went don't we?

  6. In civilized countries news are not allowed to lie. That's why Fox News operates mostly only in the USA. In many countries they would have to have a banner stating that the show is a parody of a news show and nothing should be taken seriously, because it is bs.

  7. While the concepts of balance and fairness may seem co-opted in today's cable news language abuse, I agree with Joe's assertion that they be a part of sincere efforts of podcasts and the like who are trying to improve public dicourse and understanding. Why? Because when I try to listen to other extended podcasts of folks who express partisan (both right & left) views at length, it really comes off as droning repititious whining or cheerleading rather than real efforts to articulate nuanced understanding.

  8. The innuendo is that Trump has done something terribly wrong. The other point seems to suggest that people in the media know what this is, but the public can't (or aren't allowed to) know. Or did I miss something? He definitely leans left.

  9. AMERICA is not a democracy. America is mob rule just like Rome. If TRUMP is prosecuted there will be a civil war. SIMPLY the left and right hate each other enough. One small spark like the PRESIDENT being arrested will end America as we know it.

  10. Cable News, both sides of it, is for fools that are more interested in being told what they want to hear than actually being informed about what is really going on.

    If you want to be informed you need to read, but most of America is too stupid and lazy for that. Idiocracy was prophetic.

  11. The big issue is people believe what they want to believe. That's the problem. Its not the source entirely. They are feeding the people what they know the people want. Lets be honest, people are stupid and seen validation. If they don't hear what they want, then they go somewhere else til they hear what they want to hear. Facts don't matter anymore and it's pathetic.

  12. "Cable news pays." Dear God, he's either not paying any attention to reality or he's delusional. Cable media is going through its death throws, the entire business model has been utterly destroyed by the internet. That has directly contributed to why they've gone full tabloid mode in the last few years; its a last ditch effort to fiscally stay afloat just a little bit longer.

  13. This Decades-Old Suspected Murder Case Could Derail Mueller's ReportMueller and Trump: Born to wealth, raised to lead. Then, sharply …
    https://www.washingtonpost.com/…/mueller…/ad50b7bc-0a99-11e8-8b0d-891602206fb…Feb 23, 2018 – As young men, each was deeply affected by the death of a man he admired greatly. Yet Robert Swan Mueller III and Donald John Trump, born 22 months apart in ….. He got a kick out of answering his phone, “Mueller, Homicide.” … homicide detective James Trainum, who worked with Mueller on the case.

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