1. Standard AI which they are talking about can only learn based on the inputs, it was made by humans and all it knows is based on the input. Blaming AI is ridiculousn it is facebook and googlea fault

  2. Honestly confused by all the triggered right wingers in these comments. He's a leftist yes. But he literally just spit out the biggest conservative talking point of all time in suggesting the solution is more competition and not increased government interference. Yet all the conservatives are still triggered anyway even though he agrees with their core principles on this.

    It's almost as if angry internet trolls just want to be angry and make themselves victims, even when presented with a legitimate solution that aligns with their supposed values. Huh. Who would have thought?

  3. Problem is that most conservatives don’t even know what conservatism is. If they knew what conservatism was then they would’ve voted all these republicans out of office for not presenting a balanced budget

  4. You can't cure stupid with regulation. People are dumb. They like being dumb. And lazy, and easily mislead, and ignorant. One way to fix this is to teach people to think for themselves. A lost skill. And you have to start young. Critical thinking needs to be a required learning skill throughout life.

  5. How Joe spread BS that social media corporations try to thwart . Only retarded right-wingers believe that. Social media is amplifying autistic right wingers more than the leftists.

  6. The man actually was making the argument that if someone took a gun and did something inappropriate with it after listening to a charged 'news' commentary than there is a problem. If someone incites violence they should be prosecuted. If during the course of someones politically charged rant an individual decides its proper to commit a horrible crime than charge the individual for the act they took. This reasoning is exactly the same when it comes to rape victims and the circumstances surrounding their particular assault. No, what you were wearing or doing at the time does not provide a defence for the rapist. However, high risk behaviour is just that, high risk. The potentiality of something bad happening absolutely increases with higher risk activity. The rapists is always responsible in the end for their actions. Folks like Alex Jones may engage in high risk behaviour but he is no more responsible for the actions of a listener than the rape victim is responsible for the action of their abuser.

  7. The same people that laugh and cheer when someone they don't like get banned are the very next to get banned. What it really is to clear the way for Fox CNN so on. Plain to see, can they pull it off? I have no idea.

  8. Yes and G👹👹le is about to get what they gave, they will be censored, they will be defunded, and they will face international crimes for the meddling in elections, riots ,and disinformation, they are on Twitter openly breaking the anti trust laws, also these media outlets are in death throws trying to stay relevant , and the 🍕falseflag where the only thing that got shot was the server 🤣🤣🤣 you got to be the dumbest, Hitlery's server got a hammer and their server got a bullet, how convenient 🤣🤣🤣people are such 🐑🐐🐐🐑baaaaaahhhh ,also Hitlery's aid was caught in Hati trying to traffic children, man the public has got to get of that pipe and read some real documents and records, make you own opinion after digesting some facts, stop having your opinion given to you by your master overlords,they dont want you to know the truth and facts that if you would just click a little more is very easy to find,🇷🇺🤖

  9. “Hillary indictment” was proven to be censored by google in 2016 election. The metrics showed it. This guy is full of shit. There is a clear bias and censorship on google.

  10. That guy never claimed " Alex Jones told me to come to a pizza shop. " The only claim made by the media is he listened to Alex Jones. If that is the case then Bernie Sanders is responsible for Republicans being shot in VA.

  11. At 5:40 trying to blame Alex Jones for some guy trying to shoot up a pizza place believing children are being held in a basement dungeon there. Alex Jones never said anything close to that. Fake-news media deliberately mis-quotes what he says. This guy blaming Jones for that just goes to show he only listened to what other people were claiming what Jones said instead of listening to what Jones actually said himself.

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