1. I found a great use for BJJ, maybe underwater?
    Has Joe found any BJJ defenses versus SLAMS yet? No? I know because they don't exist. Motherfuckin CHUMPS.
    U deserve it #CutYourBelts . BJJ replaces pro wrestling as fake fighting style LOL
    3 years lifting weights > a lifetime of BJJ rolling with your faggot boyfriends on the stinking floor

  2. Lol Joe towards the end thinking he's making an insightful point. So our senses become more sensitive to external stimuli when we're high? Gee, thanks Joe, we didn't know that..

  3. Totally agree. I didn't learn how to throw a proper punch until I was high off my ass on THC oil. I could feel my whole body working together. It also caused my to change my stance entirely.

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