HEMP Farm Bill clears House 369-47 πŸ”₯πŸ’―βœ…πŸ’°

HEMP Farm Bill clears House 369-47 βœ… – RICH TV LIVE – DECEMBER 12, 2018 – COMMODITIES News Wire 2h ago Farm Bill clears House after removal of …


  1. Then they will say that a Nation of Drug users cannot own Firearms…….Redflag law that already passed and therefore Grandfathered in and Overrides the Hemp Bill. Looks good on the Surface but has hidden Dangers……..just remember what I have said!

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  3. Without a doubt, this is a historic event. However, don't pop the champagne yet. What remains to be seen is how the DEA will respond to it. Until the DEA decides to change the status of CBD, nothing is set. This is similar to the Volstead Act, which was enacted to carry out the intent of the 18th Amendment—Prohibition (ratified January 1919). The act was a severe interpretation of the 18th Amendment. Because CBD can come from either marijuana or hemp plants, it is unclear whether or not hemp-derived CBD products are now legal—which is a determination that the DEA will most likely make.

  4. It's way past the veto margin, so the president will sign in his next media event. America WILL be educated about the benefits and the floodgates will open! Long time prohibition that truly was racially motivated is gone! History. . .ephiphany.

  5. Day traded MCOA yesterday into today – up 48% and rang the register. Ran up a bit after i sold but who cares when ur up 48. People just fomo-ing low charts. So figured MCOA was behind the pack a bit and BAM! Bought more NBEV this am.

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