1. Great videos! Love them. At 3:36 there is a mistake I believe. Shouldn't it be Management is a skill that could be learnt and gets the job. Instead of thinking managers are born (since that suggests having a fixed mindset?)

  2. I think it is a bit simplistic. Personally I think I have one or the other in different areas. Overall I am more about growth but I have fixed ideas I still need to overcome. I think it would be similar for others.

  3. We think that there are ups and downs in life that can affect your mindset.When you are younger, your mindset can be improved by your surroundings. Your childhood can shape how you think. Your parents can teach you to never give up and keep trying OR they can make you feel like your are born with only what you've got. – Ms. Gipe's Class

  4. It is possible to shift from fixed to growth. It is important to look at all areas of your mindset. You may have a growth mindset in one area and a fixed mindset in another.

  5. I don't think that you can switch from a fixed to a growth mindset just right away by decision. But if the decision is serious you will start to develop a growth mindset.

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