1. I purchased a large amount of the flakes to make MMS several years ago; maybe even 10 years ago. The flakes have since yellowed. Can I still use these to make MMS? If not, how do I dispose of them?

  2. PLEASE START WITH THE LOWEST DOSAGE! More in not better! You must work your way up or use too much and end up extremely sick. You body with mms and dmso will remove toxins cancer pathogens at such a high rate you will feel like you gonna die! Nausea anxiety attack hyperventilating and wooziness is what I experienced. 1 drop or 1/2 drop for me. I did 3,4 and 2 drops, WRONG ANSWER! Follow protocol! I will wear off in a few hours but you will hate how you feel. Trust me!!!!!

  3. This stuff should work. I mean bleach kills everything and he found a way to almost buffer it or get such a small amount into the bloodstream and let it kill all bad stuff. I’m trying essaic tea now when my order comes in I’m going to do essaic at the end of the day 2-3 hours after my last mms. Funny my mom told me as a kid when she was cleaning that bleach can kill any disease but you can drink it to kill stuff in your own body. NOT!

  4. Thanks Mark and Joe for for the great show and demonstrating how to make this solution. I'll make my first order soon. Do you now use 4 oz. 'Glass' Bottles for MMS1? Would like to come to a seminar. Will you do one in Madison, Wisconsin anytime soon?

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