1. Cannabis plants create THC as a defence to protect their seeds from predictors so the plant will continue on.
    They do Not create THC to get you high !
    This idea you have that it will be less potent is Absolutely Incorrect, completely False & backward to reality.
    I'm not hating but you have Very much to learn.

  2. Stop grow ASAP. …
    When herm start the pollen sacs look like Banners
    The pollen is real oily like.
    Letting the pollen somewhat stay in its area.
    But a true male will drop bell flower's with little tassel dangling.
    This pollen is dry and puff burst into the air.
    Causing pollen to go everywhere.
    Rinse off buds, pollen gives a perfume bouquet like terrible taste.
    I got one the other day…
    Took pics every almost to keep eyes on..
    Thought, at first was fox tailing, but instead hermi bananas .

  3. So, will the seeds be auto's as well? Dr. Autoflower has a new strain in the making, hell ya. I crossed old school Pink Kush with Ice Wreck that went hermi. on me. That's my personal strain and it's amazing. Last summer my neighbour had a hermi. and seeded my plant a little bit. I'm just finishing growing it now, new pheno looks better than the one I started with. Best of luck to you all.

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