Exposed: Ivanka at center of Trump inauguration criminal scandal, Visit from Feds imminent

Local News Today: On Friday, it was reported that Ivanka Trump is now facing serious legal trouble as a result of tax crimes which were carried out during an …


  1. $107 Million dollars was raised for 45’s Inauguration. Apparently Botox Melania Fluffer Trump paid a friend $26 Million for 45’s Inauguration? In one case the Trump Hotel charged $700,000 for overnight stays for officials even when Committee staff members pointed out that they found other Hotels for $85,000, but they were ignored. And the rest of the money? $40 Million dollars are unaccounted for! Ivanka was the Senior Executive negotiating the spending of the $107 Million Dollars … much of which is not accounted for. Additionally, there is reports floating around that Ivanka Trump instructed collectors to put donations directly into the Trump accounts, by-passing all records (hence more than $17 Million dollars were raised, but not records are kept of the additional donations). The whole Trump family do Charity Fund Raising, then pay themselves hiring costs, venue costs, salary costs, etc. and then what's left, they give to Charity, in many cases there is no money left. They have been taken to court over this matter and have been reprimanded NOT get involved with Charity Funding again. Yet here they are, doing it again. Why aren't they in prison?

  2. 👸lvanka, Ivanka you see in our neighborhood all that beauty and little booty just don't cut it. You have to have a good heart ❤ Ivanka the Huntsman is coming, he is a🌴 Marine🌴 and his name is. 🌴 Robert Mueller🌴
    🌴🌴🌴🌴 Semper Fi🌴🌴🌴🌴

  3. there's just something about money that triggers a larceny gene in the Trumps! even the paperboy has to double check his change! and the Girl Scouts won't sell them any more cookies till they pay their last year's bill!

  4. She learned from her daddy or else he told her to do it but the one who signs for it is the one who gets prosecuted the whole family is going to jail you hear that Trump tarts and Hillary is down in the Bahamas and so are the Obamas have a nice day assholes in Trump Ville

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