Cristina SANCHEZ (Espagne) Cannabis et cancer

La Dre Cristina Sanchez est une biologiste moléculaire, elle s’intéresse depuis plus de 10 ans à la recherche sur les cannabinoïdes et le cancer. Lors de son …


  1. these ladies with an accent need to say " Cannabinoid" very loudly and lovingly from a podium over the entire parliament of all governments! Cannabinoid spoken over and over from their loving voice until parliament takes heed … if anyone can do it these ladies with their beautiful voices like angels can do it

  2. Please Help me, please I will let you test on me. Stage 4 breast, May 2013, my body rejected chemo by the 4th round of platinum chemo TCH were the initials they used. Then spread to lymph nodes right auxiliary Nov 2015. Now it's in my bones last summer May 2017. I have been using hash oil but I can't afford the amount I need to consume daily, I am 42, & have a 11yr old daughter. My oncologist wants me to call hospice. I am not ready please help me.
    Darla Mosley
    [email protected]
    Thank you God Bless you all for your work. I know it works I could feel it working in me! Thank you for your time.

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