1. The government forgets that we elect them to represent us not rule over us. It is pretty disturbing that we now have this huge federal government that intrudes in every aspect of our lives now. It seems like we will never get rid of them. Unfortunately they have become way to powerful for us to fight against. It gets very frustrating.

  2. If youre going to cite Latin, then do it right. Guverno, Gavarnare (you mispronounced this. It is Guv-ar-na-rey) are the same word. Guverno means "I control" while Guvernare means "to control"

  3. The romans are still in control of all government as today in which it was created and people been in an illusion. They are striving to get to their New World Order. We the people are coexisting in their world

  4. Once again Brian, you are PARTIALLY correct. You did consent to all this; but you do not know how. If "government = mind-control"; then where does government actually exist? In your mind – that's where! Remember: "The law abounds in fictions."

  5. I understand your veiw. The apparent democatic system in my own country, Australia is in just as much disarray. With two sides of mostly arrogant self interested politicians who keep the keys to the kingdom. Our system (not sure how it works in USA) has Young Liberal or Young Labour groups. Allowing the people who have been in the system and controling it to groom young adults to have a career in politics. Therefore teaching them the same corrupt ways and making sure that the broken system we have is perpetuated in the future.

  6. I'll bet that 99.999 % of the people have never even heard of the Sanhedrin. Google the word, then consider the fact that world Governments are an extension of the supreme power that has ruled Humanity long before recorded history. This group of elites were appointed as the supreme leaders over the working class by the Annunaki. In fact I'll bet that 95% of the people don't believe that the Annunaki were real, let along settled on Earth over 150,000 years ago.
    Truth be told, our own US government and Earths entire financial system is controlled by those Jews whom adhere to Zionism through the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and even though the names and faces have changed, …they're still the Sanhedrin. Look at Trumps selection of financial advisors, they're all ex Goldman Sachs big wigs and they're all Jews.

  7. I know the look your talking about. It’s that look of amazement, like da hell you talking about. We can’t control the weather. I have come to realize that the brainwashed cannot be awaken. It’s impossible. My wife and adult children are dead ass asleep. I can’t prove enough facts because Utube is all CGI and fakery. I’m done convincing. I have supplies that I’m sure they will want to consume at some point.

  8. Not American gov but United States inc gov. That's British government. Look up "act of 1871". Americans are duped/fooled. Don't be a United States citizen because that's under British statutory laws under the British crown. Look it up

  9. “Government is unfit to exist”
    What a profound statement.
    What possible use could government ever be other than to protect citizens from foreign government???
    But why concern yourself with foreign governments when you need to protect yourself from the government at hand, the one oppressing the people within the wall?

  10. I hope to God trump will clean house on these scum sucking vipers and is not a part of them well see there issuing thousands of arrest warrants now on these people I hope trump is the real deal

  11. YeHoVaH bless you and keep you through the power and glory given to Yehoshua Messiah Prince of Peace
    We should all live by God's law loving with the love that God has loved us.
    Only we can change who we are.
    Hard to find people that fit the bill of who we should choose as leaders today.
    Ask FATHER to raise up good leaders.
    Pray for the ones we already have to make good decisions for the people they government.
    Yah's peace be with you
    Sabbath Shalom

  12. This author preaches about taxation is theft but I bet he’s the first in line to file taxes! I haven’t paid income tax in 2 years what’s ur excuse?
    I’ve never had insurance in my entire life what’s ur excuse?
    I saved 178k by not having insurance for anything so far.
    Oh wait….. my bad…..I’m sorry
    U make money by stating problems with no solutions typical American complainers.
    Complain and cry about everything government but do nothing about it.
    Boo hoo wow is me.
    U know the corporations police themselves without government stranglehold or rules and we all c how that’s working out and u want people to govern themselves?
    Tell me ur joking? It’s not that we don’t need government it’s that government has be given too much power and is too big for its own good.
    Reduction of government is a solution not the elimination of government morons.
    The government is only corrupt because of the people who run the world corporations and bankers!
    Back our money by gold once again and have a finite supply and all these problems go away.
    Have the fiat currency we have now and print money on worthless paper and ur doomed to fail every time!
    U want a solution from me because you’ll get nothing but crying and self pity from this web author.
    Is shrink government down to collecting money to maintain a military and infrastructure that’s it!
    Do away with 3/4 of the laws and regulations in place now and go back to governing ourselves through morality. If u get caught immoral pay the price. Govern that way and every banker that was involved in the housing crisis in 2008 would still be in jail today and stripped of all their assets.
    I can go on and on with solutions and u will never hear me cry or whine about it I do something about it!
    My wallet is my voting tool and more people have got to vote with their wallets. Don’t like something or what a company does vote with ur wallet!
    U want this authors solution? Buy his shirts and give him money so he can pay his mortgage and buy his second home and buy his guns.
    Be a good citizen and obey and consume and make sure to pay the author so he can pay his taxes which he preaches to everyone else not to do!
    Hypocrisy? U be the judge

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