Why I’m Not Straight Edge Anymore // Medical Marijuana for Eating Disorders

I figured it was time to fill you guys in on this. I had to get surgery a few years ago and my surgeon recommended medical marijuana to me, and at first, I was …


  1. I love you K. I’ve been watching you for years. Back when you made advice videos for coming out ☺️ back before I had a phone that had internet, back before I even came out which was 2013 😂 love you dude.

  2. I've actually considered trying CBD oil or something like that for anxiety. I just turned 18 not too long ago though and I just moved to a new state, I'm not sure what the laws are concerning marijuana, I know med marijuana is legal but idk the circumstances around it or what conditions they prescribe it for 🤷🏻‍♀️I can manage it enough but some days are hard and I feel like its starting to get worse…

  3. I've looked into what being straight edge entails and I don't know that I could follow all the "rules" to be that, but I don't want to harm my body with drugs or alcohol for recreational use. I very much support the idea of medicine and medical marijuana, and I don't care that other people use drugs or alcohol recreationally. I just try to live my life without potentially harmful or addictive substances, because I know people who use drugs or alcohol to escape mental health problems and find themselves in a worse position than they were already in and it kills me to see them go through that, I would never want to even think of putting myself through something like that just for a quick high 🤷🏻‍♀️

  4. I would like to try medical marijuana or oil for my chronic illness bc I’ve tried every medication and treatment under the sun and they haven’t done shit but it’s illegal here. Go figure. And my anxiety is way to intense to just try weed, I don’t even like taking pain killers.

  5. I know someone who got over her bulimia by smoking, and I’m currently anorexic but it’s not legal here so it’s a pain in the arse to get 🙄 Alsoooo I’ve been told by some ED survivors for many reasons I shouldn’t get tattooed whilst I’m underweight (risk of infection, pain, wait to use it as a reward for recovery, I might think it looks better when I’m thin, etc.), but I have one booked and I’m quite looking forward to it. Some say go for it anyway because tattoos can be nice and therapeutic in a way. Now I know about your problems and with you being relatively heavily tattooed I’m wondering what your stance is? 🙂

  6. I definitely want to try medicinal marijuana in the future because I've heard it works WONDERS for people with chronic pain. Hoping it gets legalized across the country, hopefully will be able to move somewhere where it's legal preemptively~

  7. I've been smoking for like a 2 years after about the 3 4 month Mark the munchies will stop mainly like not stop just a lot less intense but I'd advise you for just a fun time get a ton of water and snacks late on a free night smoke up a ton get blazed and crash

  8. Hopefully you did not get at medical marijuana card I know Michigan in Michigan anyway if your get a medical marijuana prescription you can’t buy a firearm cuz I guess cancer patients and in your case people with severe nausea don’t have the right to defend them selves

  9. Honestly I think medical marijuana should be a thing everywhere because my dad really really needs. Also I am definitely not straight edge, not like hardcore drugs but I like weed and nicotine a lot. Btw you're amazing and I love you❤

  10. Am in the same position. Am 26 and still want my boobs gone.
    Going to my consultation again soon this month or next.

    UPDATE: my review/consultation is in January.

  11. I love what you said at the beginning about wanting to get top surgery not as a trans person. I fucking LOATHE having my chest! I never considered wanting to get top surgery until recent months, but definitely knowing that is something I would consider in the future. I aim to look as masculine as I possibly can, and having a chest ruins the image I want for myself. Plus bras are the worst thing ever! So uncomfortable. The day that I can just throw on a shirt and nothing else underneath would be the most liberating day of my life. Just because I'm female doesn't mean I have to have a chest. You are seriously inspirational, K! Keep being you!

  12. I literally had to stop the video not even 30 seconds in… and take in the fact that another woman who is not trans wants top surgery and has always wanted her breasts gone. It really feels good not to be alone in this..

  13. I follow you on EVERY THING and have been since day 1. I love your style and personality. I would love to do what you want to do. It’s a dream of mine. Although, I have to set my dreams aside because of personal situations I am currently in. You are truly great and I’ve had a great time seeing you grow and change in many ways. I hope to meet you one day! I love you K! 😝💕🤟🏻

  14. I found you like all the way back when your hair was red and back and you was on stage with Motionless In White screaming your fucking lungs out that was so badass and now look how far you cum I cant wait to see more the amazing content you will put out

  15. You are so awesome. I feel ya on being nauseous. I tried CBD oil. Works same way and it's legal. There are so much products with CBD oil. It also helps you deal with pain. And it doesn't come out in drug testing. Thc is better, but CBD is legal. Same effects. Either way, you're just an awesome human. Love ya

  16. I personally used to say id never drink but ive had one or two in my life and I dont think its that bad so no I'm not straight edge but would I smoke weed?…If I had to smoke it medically I would but i don't see myself really smoking it

    But I do support the legalization of majiurina i know a few people who smoke it and their no different from the day I first met them so i don't see why not.

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