Where Are They Now? Home Improvement CAST

Welcome to Top10Archive! After debuting in 1991, Home Improvement instantly became a hit – staying in the top 10 spots for a television series during its entire …


  1. I love to watch that 70s show Eric foreman Red foreman Jackie burgheard (i think thats how you say it) Steven/Stephen Michael Kelso Donna pensiati (again) Kitty foreman

    Thats all i could name

  2. I met Richard Karn early in the show's run and asked him, "You have to answer one question for me. What does Wilson really look like?" He told me he was the guy who was supposed to drive the getaway car with the baby in "Three Men and a Baby."

    The funniest line Wilson ever had was one of the Christmas episodes when Jill sends cheese logs and doesn't read the fine print where it reads "actual size." She apologizes to Wilson for the cheese log being too small, and Wilson says, "No, no, Jill. It went very well with the whiskey the airline gave me."

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