1. This is what the democratic house should be working on ! fed income tax , medicare tax , social security tax , state tax , sales tax , property tax , tax on electricity , tax on phone service ,
    gasoline taxes state and federal ; I'm sure I missed some feel free
    to add , Cost of military budget per year $780,000,000,000 =
    approximately $2500 for every man , woman and child ! People this is
    insane and unlike the French , we sit on our asses thinking
    everything is hunky dory , People wakeup this is your tax dollars
    wasted .

  2. Cenk shouldn't talk about what demos should do.. He told his subs not to vote for Hillary for months on end.. He needs to shut the fuck up.. He help get trump elected..His whole crew went on a hell bent attack on Hillary..

  3. Why has Barbara Lee been taken out of your talking points… but Bernie hasn't? She is a part of the Progressive Caucus. And she has the strongest stance on war than anybody.

  4. I can't believe that no one sees that "draining the swamp" from the standpoint of the Left is diametrically opposed to the "draining the swamp" from the standpoint of the Right. In their eyes they ARE draining the swamp by putting in top departmental positions people who are totally opposed to the actions of that department, therefore, hamstringing that department. The Left keeps saying they're not draining the swamp but THEY think they are and that is ALL that is important to THEM. So watch out that any crosschecking of them using "drain the swamp" is not going to be seen by them the same way as we see it.

  5. Ideas of the the kind suggested by Kyle are not new. During the George W. Bush presidency there was much creative discussion on progressive web sites about how to reverse engineer the GOP's stupidity. What was missing, as always, was the ability to put the plans into action. Again, in order to bring progressive policy to fruition millions will have to take the streets in struggle and sacrifice. There are no easy solutions or shortcuts. Anyone who tells you differently is not being honest or doesn't know progressive history.

  6. Obamacare Blown Up: Told Ya So, Now FIX IT DAMN YOU
    [Comments enabled]

    Date: 2018-06-11.
    Event: Tickerguy calls it.
    "Justice Roberts was single-handedly responsible for the destruction of the American Government via its Treasury via his idiotic and legally-infirm contortions in ruling the Affordable Care Act was in fact a tax, rather than a constitutionally impermissible command."
    I was referring to the GOP setting the "mandate penalty" in Obamacare to zero, legally removing it.
    I said that this act was the destruction of Obamacare by the very decision Roberts wrote, and that he dug his own grave when he wrote that decision and then climbed in.  Why?  Because the law itself refused severability and Roberts' opinion repeatedly affirmed this.
    Last evening: It happened.
    (Reuters) – A federal judge in Texas on Friday ruled the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare, was unconstitutional based on its mandate requiring that people buy health insurance, a decision in a case that could reach the U.S. Supreme Court.
    Will.  And when it does Roberts will be required to follow his own opinion as it is far too young to overturn.
    It's over folks.
    This is what I said back in the previous article about the fate of Obamacare ultimately, and why, when it was passed and being implemented, I wrote about getting the hell away from anything that might tie you to the medical industry.
    I have often written about the utter necessity of getting rid of the medical monopolies as a political imperative, and for individuals to do everything in their power to get off the medical teat, which for most people means you damn well better not not be overweight or obese, you better have normal blood sugar which means no damned carbs to any material extent in your diet and it certainly means that intentional high-risk behavior like buttfucking, IV drug use or drinking to excess is an instant economic death sentence.
    I changed my lifestyle in 2011.  Did you?
    Not in the main you didn't America.  I see it all around me every day.
    Now the choices are narrow.
    The Democrats predictably called the GOP "mean" and "cruel" and I'm sure they'll bring out Granny's wheelchair being thrown down the stairs soon enough.  It doesn't matter.
    We must fix the medical system so it returns to 4% of GDP from nearly 20% today and we must do it right now.
    This is not impossible.  In fact I've written dozens of articles on-point over the last decade, but the one any thinking American starts demanding their legislators enact now or get the hell out of office and be replaced by someone who will — not in two years, not in four, not "when we get around to it" but right damned now is found here.
    It can be done, it will come with serious short-term economic pain in the form of GDP decrease but it will permanently resolve the problem, it will result in better health and outcomes for Americans and it, or something that is similar in scope, intent, implementation and detail is the only fix that will actually work.
    For those of you who are "MAGA" types and claim Trump can't do anything about this without Congress if you actually believe that you are too stupid to both vote and reproduce.  The entire medical system violates 15 USC Chapter 1 which contains felony criminal penalties, daily.  Trump could order the Justice Department, which is part of the Executive and thus under his control, to immediately bring felony criminal charges against every single individual and firm that fixes prices, divvies up markets, refuses to quote a price or does medical work without authorization and start locking people up.  The behavior would change tomorrow if a few hospital executives were facing 10 years with Bubba as their "next assignment."  He hasn't and until and unless the people of this nation demand that he do so and make clear they'll enforce their demand he won't.
    Simply put it is up to you, America, and time's up.

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