Vinegar and Soap Organic Weed Killer – DIY 100% Natural Safe for the Environment

Many comments suggest Vinegar is a great all natural herbicide alternative to more commonly used chemicals. I put it to the test and show how good …


  1. I tried Vinegar , rock salt and dish washing liquid , it killed the weeds , but not the wild grass , I bought more vinegar and Epsom salt this time , the Ga. rain comes about every afternoon , as soon as it dries out I'll try the Epsom salt mixture , maybe it will work , IDK yet ??I subbed 2 days ago , I am enjoying your videos , keep them coming !!!!!

  2. Your results are exactly what i found to be true. Vinegar will burn and wilt the plant but in no way will it kill it.
    The vinegar with salt will work better but needs multiple applications and the salt builds up in the soil which really isn't good.
    Glyphosate for spot weed killing works best. The reason you had some grow back is you are likely seeing new growth. Glyphosate only kills if applied to the plant leaves. When you sprayed that new growth wasn't showing yet. Apply regularly and the weeds will all die out.

  3. gylso does not have residual .does vinegar and soap? round up/ glyso does not work well in the fl keys -tough weeds in coral rock ,resistant to salt. burn or vinegar is the way

  4. Do you see fire ants. How do you treat for em? Some people around here in Texas use Garrett Juice. Garrett Juice was invented by The Dirt Doctor. Mix the following in a gallon of water. 1 cup tea, 1ounce molasses, 1 ounce apple cider vinegar, 1 ounce liquid seaweed and 2 ounces of orange oil per gallon of Juice. Also look up The Dirt Doctor for natural sprays to kill weeds. Great video. Teagards…

  5. hey there, just started my buss this month ,iam 62 this year and a disable Vet , Indiana is still a little cold yet hope to do well this year .plus this will get me out of the house -wife says go – lol thanks for all the how too videos been watching for awhile on u tube (TV) ,now have my own acct. email and u tube so next thing is a phone will have to learn how to work them lol thanks again

  6. "GLYPHOSATE" ? ROUNDUP ? MONSANTO? I wont go near that stuff and neither should you! Use 1/3 MURIATIC (POOL) ACID to 2/3 water and spray. As with ANY herbicide, you will have to re-treat the problem areas every few weeks. VINEGAR/SALT/DAWN doesn't work!!!!!

  7. No your not saturating the plant roots only spraying the weeds etc. Just do get the spray on the plants you do not want to kill..This is like round up…works great especially during warm weather.Hope this helps Dan

  8. Hey Dan, looks like you are well, gotta love that sunshine. 🙂 Well, in a way the vinegar was working, but like you said, I guess it just burns it, and then it comes back. Gasoline would surely kill those weeds off for good, but then again, gas is expensive per gallon, and would be harmful to the environment lol. I think Glysophate still retains top dog position. I will give it to the vinegar for the fast acting however. Cause with Glysophate, you won't notice a result until 48 hours later after application.

  9. The standard grocery store variety vinegar is usually 5% acetic acid. Pickling vinegar has 10 to 12% acetic acid. Farm stores like Tractor Supply will sell products with up to 30% acetic acid content. Use of a low detergent soap such as Dawn to act as a surfactant is fine however you should refrain from using salt. Salt collects in the soil over time and is difficult to flush. For the bolder among you, go commercial and buy Glacial Acetic Acid.

  10. I think part of the idea with vinegar is that it’s going to raise the Ph level of the soil, so with multiple applications eventually you’re going to get to a point where nothing will grow.

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