Unboxing 30 G’s of LEGAL Canadian Cannabis | Weed Legalization Documentary Part #2

In the first part of our documentary on ‘Canada Legalizing Marijuana’ ( we showcased the insanely difficult process we went …


  1. Do the right thing for the environment and keep buying black market bud. There's tons of great online services in Canada that use way less plastic and package far more efficiently.

  2. Hello! Make a documentary traveling to Tacoma, Washington. We have some of the best weed and also some of the cheapest weed 🤩. You can pay $30 for a whole 28g (if that’s what you fancy) or spend $35 on a 3.5 and have some of the best weed of your life 💨 🔥

  3. I live in Canada and if my dealer came to me with this shit he wouldn’t have a customer anymore. Sad this is what we’ll be known for . Yet we’ve been making world class cannabis for years.

  4. What’s sad is people buying legally have no idea how ripped off they are getting. No ‘black market’ dealer I know would even attempt to sell this crap. They’d go back to the supplier/grower and be like wtf happened ?!?

  5. Surely if the amounts of THC and CBD aren't accurate that defeats a large purpose of the legalisation? I sure as hell wouldn't want to be smoking something that said it was 7% THC to find it was more like 27%, for me that'd be a one way ticket to a paranoia nightmare. People selling some random crap as a "high CBD" strain is the reason I very rarely use it now and wish we'd hurry up and get proper legalisation and the regulation that should come with it in my country.

  6. On point brother. No improvements needed( until they create smellovision). I like the black desk background.A quick note to all the industry peeps watching. Figure out how to ship in glass containers.

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