1. Marajuan ? Hemp the bigest con on the world ever ! As a textile is far more lucrative than smoking it , in fact the term are you smoking Rope was derived from it .. Stone washed hemp lasts 5 decades, rope-cord ,fishing nets as good as synthetics but they are biodegradable oils are a fuel, lubricant and food , the oiles also destroy high cholesterol and dissolve plaques . The paper never breaks down like paper from wood pulps do , but its easily recycled with non of the harsh chemicals used to make Paper from wood pulp ..Hemp/marijuana is where we get the words ..The seeds are second highest in protein to soy with non of negative side effects of soy . These are the reasons it was made illegal people are suckers , you now just believe your own lies …

  2. It's time to lift the prohibition on cannibis…I was on pain meds for 10 years and been off them for a few months. For me, the cannibis works much better for my chronic pain and be active…absolutely helps many medical issues.

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