1. Its funny how this all comes out (apparently) less than a week after the House Oversight Committee's hearing on the corruption of the Clinton Foundation.  You know, corruption to include all of these alleged offenses against Trump.  …and don't be weak and say "you're covering up for Trump"  Look.  If he's guilty, lock him up!  What we do know though is that Hillary (as Secretary of State) did pay-to-play AND quid pro quo, involving Bill Clinton and Bill Gates.  It came out last Thursday!  But this news is just coincidence!  Please look the other way as you did with nomination being stolen from Bernie.  We promise the corruption will stop…soon…

  2. I'm starting think Trump winning in '16 was a good thing, because if Hilary got elected she had cover her corrupt ass a hell of a lot better. The Don can't corrupt on the level of a true Reptilian

  3. War crimes, sexual misconduct, making money dishonestly. It don’t matter
    in the end all an ex-president has to worry about is the shame of what
    they did, that's it. It'll be the same with Trump, right now the only
    way to put the trash out is when the Republicans
    are prepared to do so which they're not, they don’t give a fuck. Same as
    the Democrats wouldn’t give a fuck if their muppet was the president.
    it’s all about the money and the few people and organizations at the top
    keeping it that way and they don't even worry about which party wins,
    they back both sides its all to give the impression of choice, truth is
    there is none and if your holding on for the Muller investigation to
    make any difference, your as delusional as the twitter-in-chief.
    Only hope is people like Berni but the system wont let him on TV let alone win

    Still happy Christmas everybody, Ho Ho Ho

  4. The worst part may be that once anyone donates any amount to anything with the Trump name on it, Trumpty-Dumbty considers it HIS PERSONAL MONEY. Remember when it came out a few months ago that the transition team paid someone for his or her service to the team from the transition donations account, as legally required and Emperor Bone Spurs threw a fit and said the team was "STEALING MY MONEY!"? Yeah, Don the Con is that petty AND that corrupt.

  5. Best populist-left and left-wing political ideas I can think of:

    Abolish primaries and/or the 2-party system to create a more direct democracy instead of Republicans versus Democrats

    Make better friends with Mexico, Iran, and Russia and offer humantarian aid

    Tax-paid universal social security

    Legalize polygamy and any forms of marriage between consenting adults on the federal level

    Legalize, tax, and regulate drugs on the federal level

    Allow prisoners at least mild leisure or cigarette or drug use

    Fire the CIA and FBI and abolish the DEA and move their necessary jobs to the ATF and FDA

    Declare neo-nazis terrorists and criminalize the Aryan Brotherhood umbrella

    Regulate and tax churches and strip cults

    Legalize drugs, prostitution, and gambling on the federal level

    Boost the EPA for a more green plan

    Guarantee universal healthcare for US citizens, immigrants, and prisoners by taxes

    Guarantee gasoline for cars, jobs, and tax-paid housing for US citizens and immigrants

    Legalize stem cell research on the federal level to reduce the disease rate

    Free the non-criminal prisoners

    Officially legalize leisure use of roms and emulators to eliminate leisure monopolies

    Supertax the rich and Apple
    and cut taxes on the poor

    Bring the troops home, end wars, and tighten the rules of engagement

    Ban use of bullets bad for the environment outdoors and replace with green bullets but allow use in firing ranges

    Interview soldiers to find and arrest US terrorists and encourage empathy and transparency

    Propose Puerto Rico to be an official US State and give them humanitarian aid

    Cover prescription meds, transgender body fixes (for teens and adults who have been evaluated), cancer screens, X-rays, STD checks, condoms, and birth control as mandatory provisions in universal healthcare

    Free, decriminalize, and pardon whistleblowers and strengthen adversarial freedom of speech

    Propose international extermination of mosquitoes to lower the world's rates of disease and parasites

    Declassify "classified" documents for transparency

    Regulate guns

    Propose an international coalition to attempt to terraform the moon and/or Mars and strengthen relations with Russia and China as a sign of peace, trust, and evolution between nations

    Abolish military drafting and desertion and free all "deserters"

    Mandate LGBTQ+ information into health education in schools

    Tie a living minimum wage to inflation federally

    Outlaw armor-piercing/"cop killer" bullets

  6. But….but…but, Trump is going to drain the swamp in Washington, and that he is against Wall St. That's what the fucking turd said on the campaign trail, and convinced slow witted Americans to vote for him. HE IS WALL STREET!!! And he sure as hell ain't draining the swamp in Washington!!

    On the campaign trail, he slammed Wall Street for "getting away with murder." He vowed to break up the big banks and force the finance guys to pay higher taxes. His final campaign ad showed ominous photos of the New York Stock Exchange and the CEO of Goldman Sachs and proclaimed it was time to put an end to the political and business elites that have "bled our country dry."

    What a stupid, lying, hypocritical piece of shit!! Why doesn't the media go back and call Trump on ALL the hypocritical bullshit he said in the last couple of years?

  7. Hey Kyle, I think you need to explain why you're broadcasting on 30's radio. Your viewers are creative and have a sense of humor. But nobody can concentrate on your content because the broadcasting method is so distracting and nobody knows why you're doing it!!

  8. Trump is a fucking CLOWN! Right along with all you HALF WITS who voted him in. Don't get me wrong, I fucking despise Hillary, but she would have been the better of the two evils… barely.

  9. At this point, to deliberately avoid Impeachment would be to acquiesce to a criminal and possibly illegitimate Presidency. That is untenable.
    Its got nothing to do with a political disagreement. What's at stake is the integrity of the Constitution, and the institutions that are meant to uphold it.
    I'm sick of politicians trying to play for the advantage, by delaying or even avoiding Impeachment. Trump is a risk to national security. The new Congress must start the process soon after getting started.

  10. Now that's what I'm saying, wait till his orange ass gets out of office and then fry it like chicken…. and Kyle you say what a fucked up situation where in No, it's what a fucked up situation he's in.

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