1. It's clear the Labour MP's that sided with the Tories didn't listen to a word Norman Lamb said.

    Gavin Shuker MP <[email protected]>

    11:56 AM (6 hours ago)

    to me

    Dear Phil,

    Thank you for contacting me today regarding the medicinal use of cannabis. I know that there are a range of strongly held views on this matter.

    I have enormous sympathy for anybody like yourself with a physical condition seeking the most effective pain relief and – to state the obvious – I do not believe that we need to legalise cannabis in order to have access to its medical benefits. I believe Cannabis should be a drug that doctors can prescribe, provided it is proven to be effective and safe.

    It is, of course, important that any medicine be thoroughly trialled to ensure it meets rigorous standards before being licensed, so that both doctors and patients are sure of its efficacy and safety. As you may be aware, there is a regulatory process in place to enable medicines, including those containing controlled drugs such as cannabis, to be developed and subsequently prescribed and supplied to patients.

    A number of organisations are campaigning for changes in drugs laws and, specifically, the legalisation of cannabis for medicinal use. I note the publication of the APPG on Drug Policy Reform's report on this issue.

    That said, regular users of cannabis are more likely to develop a wide range of psychological conditions and there is a recognised link between cannabis use and the development of depression or anxiety, particularly amongst those who started using it at a younger age. In my view, there remains real concern about the negative impact of recreational use of cannabis, and so I am therefore not persuaded that it would be responsible to support measures that may make the drug more readily available outside of a medical context.

    Thank you for writing to me and sharing your views. I can assure you that I will continue to follow this issue closely and bear in mind the points you raise.

    Yours sincerely,

    Gavin Shuker MP

    Labour and Co-operative Member of Parliament

    My reply————————————————————————-
    to office

    Thank you for getting back to me Gavin. With respect, the largest study ever on cannabis determined that cannabis is likely to treat psychosis rather than cause it. so this talking point of "there is mounting evidence that cannabis causes it" is debunked and out of date. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/cannabis-is-not-a-cause-of-schizophrenia-says-biggest-study-yet-3cvghhxgc

    Its also not lost on me that it was your party that employed scientists to find what the risk factors are of cannabis in the previous decade and you know as well as I do that Professor David Nutt's findings have been deliberately exaggerated to support industries that see cannabis as a conflict of their interests.

    It is also a false argument to say it needs to be properly tested and trialled because of your previous neoliberal government under Gordon Brown made sure cannabis languished in a schedule that does not allow for large-scale human trials but simply small in lab (vitro -animal models) licenses at universities. That does not mean that elsewhere in the world people have not studied it intensively in humans and the results are clear that cannabis is safe when regulated and regulation was exactly what yesterdays bill was about so you have made a massive mistake here that is going to put peoples lives at risk.

    This isn't about a wide range of strong views, I didn't survive brain cancer because of beliefs, I had to wise up, get my head down and read the scientific literature. This subject requires an adequate level of scientific literacy just like climate change. beliefs and opinions do not come into it. If you are legislating on a scientific subject based on your beliefs rather than what the science says then you simply are not doing your job as an MP correctly and Labour members like me can deselect you if you don't take this seriously.

    All you need to do is acknowledge your error, apologise and don't attend debates on cannabis again until you are more up to date on the real science.


    Philip James 07877904125

  2. Quite a few people over 60 started using cannabis in their teens. It was the 60's and 70's. I smoked pot the first time at 15, I am 65. I think we are a big part of the reason it is close to being legalized. I also think private prisons and the legal system (civil forfeiture) is the reason it is faught so hard against. In the US it is a money maker. Never fear they see the end coming. They have found a whole new group of people to exploit for a buck. Undocumented workers! The new powerless to punch down on. They are keeping those private prisons full to the brim. It has been reported that we pay $750 dollars a night to house those children that we take from their families. You guessed it, outsourced, a private corporation is the beneficiary of that windfall. Not to worry, I am sure the tents they are being kept in, that are in the desert, have some kind of airconditioning.

  3. This shit makes me so angry the U.K. is the largest export of cannabis we’re talking 100s of tons of cannabis a year according to the UN last report. Yet at 2019 the same rhetoric propaganda is still being spewed by people in parliament who need to get off their high horse and educated themselves on not only the vast medical benefits of cannabis but also the economical benefits and the lowering of crime rates. Theresa May is a npc she said last year “there is no magic money tree” well ms threason , cannabis would bring an extra 3b if it was backed but then of course she would also already know that!

  4. been smoking over 30 years – but seen what it's like with kids in the last 10-15. Weed is not what it used to be – and I don't think I've ever seen any sensible ideas from the "pro" group on the issue. While the legal situation seems silly, I'd not back legalisation until I can start to hear some solutions re. young people – because just legalising it will probably make it worse. Lets see some answers to that problem instead of "making it illegal doesn't stop kids smoking" – and legalising it WILL?

  5. bugger me 1 decent liberal/democrat mp !!!!! norman lamb.. how,s about stopping these mp,s drinking at work !!! nobody else in the real world is allowed to drink, especially when they,re making such important decisions for us PISSED , and ,insult to injury the bastards get it FREE !!!!!., by the way dimmack children of the 60,s the time of the summer of love !!!! are NOW 60 you dick , people have been trying to get it legalized, long before you were even born again, dick !!!!

  6. I am 65 and have advocated the legalisation of Cannabis since the mid 70s, and my views have not changed at all in that time, I don't believe it's the thin end of the wedge.
    What we need is someone with deep pockets who is prepared to take out a human rights case against this government, we are subjects of the crown, and so are Canadians, how is it that a Canadian subject of the crown can legally get stoned in the privacy of his/her home and yet I as a UK subject of the crown don't enjoy the same rights?
    I believe that Corbyn has said that any future Labour government would take it's lead from the membership on the subject of legalising cannabis, I have every confidence that WHEN we have a Labour government it will be only an matter of time.

  7. I just don't get it. Like what is their REAL reason for keeping most recreational drugs illegal, because none of their arguments hold any water. I think there should be a bloody good reason for taking away a person's freedom (by criminalising their behaviour) and they just haven't presented one. It's a form of coercive control for sure but to what end?

  8. I was watching that vote. Hoping that soon it would no longer be illegal to self medicate (which is only necessary because the nice guidelines that the NHS use are 100%wrong for the late stages of Lyme disease so im not getting the antibiotics I need and I don't want the opium and anti depressants that they want to give me)
    Btw these politicians that are always calling for increasing the war on drugs. I'd bet every penny I have that those same politicians (or maybe their husband/wife) have a VESTED interest. Whether its shares in opium or the company's that produce it
    The grass is looking very very very green over there in Canada. I think its time to leave this country

  9. In his speech the guy could have said – with some impact I'm sure – you other politicians should just take a hard look the Portuguese drugs program, where ALL drugs are legal and which has been a HUGE success in the real world for 15 years saving lives and millions of dollars, reducing crime and other social problems associated with countries where drugs are illegal. Successful social policy, with a 15 year track record, the best kept secret as no one will cover it, I mean no one.

  10. Portugal legalized ALL drugs over 15 years ago. Their program has been a HUGE success in reducing crime and violence, and they have saved tens of millions in cost to the state.

    This wonderful success is totally ignored by just about everyone. We hear over and over about the independent pres being so important yet the Portuguese program is just ignored. You can't blame this on the MSM. I don't mean to hit to hard on Gordon I like the show.

    It's just a shame that a successful social policy is ignored. and by just about everyone right left in between.

  11. Please understand this…. the only time cannabis becomes legal is when cash is taken out from currency system.
    that way the system has control of it.
    this should not be too long.
    they are already near a cashless society. harder to deposit cash in other's bank account etc.
    the incremental removal of cash is more important than anything else. and no one complains

  12. I think your being naive thinking these shts in suits (including the women) are 'indoctrinated by the propaganda against cannabis'. it is FAR more cynical, and you touched on it briefly i think. They will be getting a lorra money from the alcohol industry which has since it's inception managed to squeeze out ANY alternative recreational drugs except its OWN poison. i HATE these English twats. it seems to be a disease of this country (ie in Europe) where they are SO violently stubborn whereas even in America now there are a few States decriminalizing draw, and we have nearby the VASTLY-more-intelligent- and tolerant Netherlands, Spain, Portugal etc etc. HOW come these countries surpass the understanding intelligence of our sorry lot infinitely…? If I had it in me i would fukin emigrate!! And lest not forget that it was the labour MP, that cnt Jack Straw, who made it a crime to pick naturally-growing magic mushrooms.
    Bring back fkin Guy Fawkes!

  13. It is incredible that people voted against this who have had their own family hit by the other illegal drugs that kill and do mental harm in a huge way. The same MPs also could be involved with money in Drugs as America's big pharma this needs looking at which MPs invest in drug companies. Reason I say this is Marijuana has real links to a cure for Brain and other cancers yes I said a cure. It kills Cancer cells in a molecular structure know by Cuba and other countries like Canada. Also there are links to helping to stop even those who have Alzheimer and those kinds of Mental problems from getting older. Then there is the HEMP it has other properties cleaning out impurities in the earth ground and water killing bacteria in water also Hemp can take out of the ground and water radiation. Hemp can replace paper, cardboard, and be made in to clothing in stead of nylon bags and take the place of all plastics.

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