1. Great video I also live in Van and can 100% attest that weed increases cortisol which lovers testosterone. I also follow some other channels such as dr sam Robbins and anabolic men they have a bunch of good info on the subject. Best wishes!

  2. I made the experience, that weed has no influence or a very small negative influence on muscle growth, if you stay active and take care of your nutrition. I workout my muscles 5 x times per week and additionally i go for an 1 hour walk on the weekends. Possible small negative influence is, that you might train 10%-20% less harder (e.g. you do 1-3 repeats less while benchpressing).

    So yeah, if you want the best – don't smoke weed. But if you must use it for medical reasons, you still can achieve a very good body with muscles and low body fat. But if you can, vaporize the weed without tobacco and consume as less as possible, but as much as necessary.

  3. Maybe i should reallly give it a shot and try to quit for a while, and see what it does, since i love bodybuilding, kind of sad that im probally getting much less rewards for my work because i smoke a lot of weed.

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