The Gates of Zadash | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 8

The group decides upon a name and leaves Alfield, heading back on the open road to Zadash… though not without having to deal with the dangers of the road.


  1. This might be one of the funniest episodes I've seen so far (rewatching after ep44). Looking like a nerd, Nott's charming smile, spelling the Mighty Nein, Fjord Tough, Jester's pranks and backstory, Leadership 101, meeting Pumat Sol etc. Everything is just gold.

  2. I feel like Liam and Sam are being a little too strict with the spell components. If I remember correctly, the book says that, unless it's an especially valuable components and the spell description explicitly states the material is consumed, spellcasters are assumed to simply have their material components on them.

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