1. I’d love to go but all these Canna people are always with the “meet me at the cup” “when you see me at the cup say something” “I’m going to toss so and so’s table” etc. As a patient with PTSD and GAD this is the last thing I want to be around. I would be so on edge just from the years worth of shit talking everyone does that I wouldn’t even want to go. Back in the day I was in to the “tough guy” or “street shit” and I can box as good as any of these guys but I’m more of the attitude that if we are beefing and I see you at the cup I’m trying to squash it over a joint or I’m going to give you a pass for the sake of the people that have busted their asses to be here! I think when the organizer see these people talking shit online they should ban them from the cup.

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