1. For so long we smoked brick from wherever, in Detroilet Mexicans prolly bring it from Mexihole. Lame weed, now dispensaries provide sensi, some good some not. Quality control in Michigan is tragic, amature hour, with know nothings in charge. If we decriminalize in Michigan, hopefully quality control will become just that, quality control. OR grow yer own. Canada actually did something right in it’s legalization nationwide. Trump will probably executive order weed into legalization and that will crush the retard commie dembocraps.

  2. I am already pissed off with seeing the promotion of high CBD garbage by people who are only in it for the money.
    Legalisation was a bad move.. Should have just been de-criminalised.

  3. most of those in the black market would not get a licence to go down this road , its the big boys jumping in and killing it for the back door grower . . happy days ….i don't think so..

  4. The legal cannabis companies are charging outrageous amounts. No thanks. You want to charge black market prices even though it's been legalized? It's just greedy. Now you're going to be like the taxi drivers and whine about black market dealers the same way taxi drivers whine about uber. Bunch of greedy whiners. I personally can't wait for the dispensaries to fail. No serious smokers will shop there.

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