Smoking the World Record 4.2 Pound Watermelon Joint

And the New World Record for the world’s largest joint is 4.2 pounds by Tony Greenhand! The 4.2 pound watermelon joint was lit over the weekend in Oregon to …


  1. @TheSmokersClub
    What are you using for the glue that you stick everything with bro?
    Is it something you buy or do you make your own?
    Love the videos man. Your The God of rolling my dude!
    Keep up the "High" quality craftsmanship and work!

  2. why are people saying they can smoke that watermelon just by themselves? not even 1% chance that anyone can smoke that 4.2lbs of weed watermelon in one session by themselves whoever thinks that they can do that is a mentally challenged fucking retarded person

  3. Because of grow regulation that is a lot of weed/waste of weed. If it weren't regulated in grow but in quality everyone could have pounds and not have to worry about wasting it

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