1. The lie is in the words "the gov pays" cause they get well over 50% back from taxation.if the gov pays you $5 for a rock they take $2 back for income tax and if you spend the $3 to put gas in your car then it cost the gov $1 to pay you $5 .how much does it COST the gov per gram ? this is propaganda not news

  2. People should be willing to buy from black market even if they charge more because they know there money is not going to be used aganst them. The cartels ar'nt going to spend your money on more pepper spray to spray in your face or hire more people to listen to your phone calls.

  3. Wow Florida , What the Hell are you waiting for .. The Red Sox have won 4 Championships since I moved HERE , YOU owe me for bringing LUCK !!! John Morgan You Caused all this , If Mass. Can Change anyone CAN…

  4. Everyone saying it’s a fail…the sqdc outlets in Quebec are heavily sol don’t of top shelf product, 3.5 for 35..15g’s for 150 …ridiculous..but there is good weed like Maui Wowie at 16% thc for 80$ for 15 grams which is the cheapest across Canada legally..the prices vary

  5. Thousand dollars a kilo…sounds reasonable…now lets talk quality. Quality will always demand a premium price…till its all quality!:)
    Just grow your own and supply your closest friends…4 plants equals 4lbs.

  6. Just paid $44 for 3.5g of OK weed from a government approved vendor. I could get double that, of a higher quality, online for that shipped. Until prices are down, the pot shops are just for the novelty, and maybe to replace the local guy I use between orders.

  7. Good luck with thos prices, government just pushed BM to $5-$8 a gram and dont forget that your allowed to grow. Some plants can flower a ounce – five ounces per plant, So I choose to grow !

    Thanks and smoke responsible 🍻

  8. You know weed has not been subject to inflation for over 30 years years. Gram of weed has been $10 a gram for the past 30 years oh, that's because the Growers dealers gobble up the inflation around selling weed transport costs comes to mind the food additives added to the soil to grow better weed hours of Labor, so the producers of weed or gobbling up all the side inflation that's not really related to the weed itself for instance the cost of marijuana seeds. But yet if government has to sell it there's a lot of middlemen involved that need to be paid there are government monetary obligations to government workers, such as pensions, increase in wages from time to time to meet a little bit of the inflation if not inflation entirely, paychecks are pretty big compared to relative to private sector increases. So all those costs have to be passed down to the consumer and if the government sells weed directly it will cost potentially double or triple the so-called black market price. By the way giving it the label Black Market is a means by which to stigmatized the only real free market of the people that does not have the inherent coercion manipulation violence in it, unless there is an element of koreshan and violence within the black / free-market system. So come to understand this that the black market is the free market but because these people are competing directly with monopolists who enjoy government policy supported Monopoly over economy they must get this label to justify taking these people down at the point of authorized gun and shutting down their operations. If a poor person tries to set up a Fruit Stand it's a black market unless they have all the necessary yet overwhelming licenses and pay there taxes and even then there is no guarantee that they're going to be allowed to compete with the monopolists that have government in their pocket. The only reason we have misery today really is because of the Monopoly power over the people in the economy mainly due to two components unemployment rate and rate of inflation these are two components that there are manifested and exacerbated by government policy in collusion with special interest of monopolist corporatists. So we have the scientifically derived economic formula for determining misery, please consult with the misery index. And for as long as you're going to have this misery and Society are going to have a greater likelihood of tension aggression coercion that will originate from the state and the people themselves as well, because the people are a reflection of their government, if their government is violent and course of the people will be violent and coercive. The saying tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are. Also applies to the saying tell me who your government is and I'll tell you who you are. This is quite the Revelation isn't it people? This is potentially a new over that reality for you to entertain that may take quite some time to regurgitate and process through whatever reasoning logical and critical thinking skills you have or have remaining. Well I hope you learned something new please give me thumbs down thumbs up or reply so that I know that this post wasn't taken down and thanks again CBC for another good story, and for one of the greatest stories of all time by CBC please look up the history of gold, I believe that's the way it's worded that may not be verbatim, it's close enough that the video will pop up on YouTube PS the biggest message behind the legalization is the government telling you covertly hey you can smoke your weed but you have to pay a tax otherwise it's going to remain illegal, there's a big Market out there a lot of money being made and we want our cut.

  9. Does anyone know if the weed sold through the government will have 'packaged' dates? Will we know how old the weed is that we buy? We want fresh, but will we get fresh?

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