Marijuana Strain Review: Strawberry Cough

Marijuana Strain Strawberry Cough was originated with the award winning grower, writer, activist and all around nice guy, Kyle Kushman. (All our best to Kyle …


  1. yo im from the UK .. lately alot of 'medical' weed has been going about.. got some Strawberry Cough and some Strawberries and Cream.. cracked the pots it smells litterally like strawberry sweets.. like them old school campino sweets.. Super dank!!! anyone ever had anything similar?? at first i couldnt believe weed could smell and taste like this..

  2. I really love your reviews man. I like all kinds there review YouTubers out there, I like the really 3rd wave nerdy pot loving kids who are super into every minor detail and that's fun. but you really have this review style that I love where you really talk about the history the cultural context sometimes and the general thought behind the strain and history and Company growing it. as the kids say "big UPS" man

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