Jimmy Kimmel’s FULL INTERVIEW with Dave Chappelle

Dave explains why he doesn’t allow cell phones at his shows and he talks about living in a small town with his family, doing stand-up with LeBron James, his …


  1. It’s not a clone. It’s a saved David who repented from his sins. They’re coming after him and Katt.. just look at their latest interviews.. all the questions about money.. they had accepted the money but are repented now.. they’re giving us messages ppl are just blind

  2. Looks sort of like him but he sounds like DMX now that’s crazy and a completely different build of muscles and his Netflix special aren’t even the same comedy styles as the Chappell show so unless he admitted that he was a recovering crack addict that’s the only way I would believe it the same person it like he’s trying to hard to copy his interviews not his comedy watch his old interviews and his comedy same voice and the new Dave is acting like someone else but still trying to convince nothing happened and he used to keep equality in his comedy now he seems a lil off

  3. The town he lives in, Yellow Springs, Ohio only has a population of about 4000. Total hippy town. So, not Hollywood or NY. Chose to raise his children where he grew up and feels comfortable. Locals probably don’t even bother him there. Much respect to Dave for thinking of his family first.

  4. I adore Dave Chappelle, but I am concerned about his posture. He slouches all the time, like every interview I've ever seen him do he's constantly slouching. Just me? Okay I'll go

  5. I said this years ago before his hiatus and I say it again today – Dave Chapelle is carrying the torch of stand-up comedy. The difference now (in my personal view) is that we've lost George Carlin in the interim, and also cultural sensitivities have shifted drastically. So now he's shouldering even more responsibility. For this reason I'm ecstatic to see he's back and in better form than ever. Keep doing it Dave!

  6. That's not Dave Chappell. I've seen everything Dave has made. It had nothing to do with money. Dave's goal was to educate his people. No matter what he did he said something informative and never bashed black people, he spoke of what black people had had to endure.
    "Now they do yea!" What….
    Listen to that Dave. That is not Dave. "What difference does it make?" Dave does his research.
    That's not even Dave's laugh. His speech.
    Smoking weed, that's not how he acts. He wanted the world to know what he said. Regardless of how crazy the world took it.

  7. Steve is out, Dave is in! Even though I like him, if he joins in with all the rest of the Trump bashers, he won't be different anymore. The world already knows that Hollywood & the media sensed no buying signals therefore they are angry. They really wanted the impeached guy back in the White House.

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