1. Reporter: What is the deal with it not being ready?
    Interviewee: That I don't know.
    So why even say Oklahoma is not ready? Do you really think people have have been in pain are not ready to get some relief?
    Oklahoman: I have such a headache.
    Someone: Here take a pain killer.
    Oklahoman: Oh I don't know if I'm ready for pain relief just yet.
    COME ON! Really?
    Vote YES on 788 on June 26 Oklahoma! Let your neighbor that have been diagnosed with cancer get some relief and our Veterans also get the relief they deserve for the service they gave for all us. For the grandma and grandpa that can't even hold a cup of water because their Arthritis doesn't let them.

  2. I would love to see medical marijuana legalized but I will warn you that it will not help our state's budget. Remember when we thought gambling would help fund education? Where did that money go? Teachers were threatening a walkout recently.

  3. It would end people selling it illegally often to children. Seems it's easier for our children to purchase drugs than it is for them to buy/obtain alcohol. Being a parent myself I can tell you I don't want our children to have access to any drugs or tabacco.
    However it makes sense that legalizing marijuana would be a win win situation. It's free up law enforcement assets, including prison space for more serious criminals and the tax revenue wouldn't hurt either. I believe it's time to explore it and allow voters to make an informed decision.

  4. Sadly it's peoples religions and beliefs that stop it from becoming legal here. He says "That I don't know" but he just doesn't want to start a religious debate. What I want the religious to understand is this: The freedom you have to believe in what you believe in, should be the same freedom I do as I do as long as there comes no harm to myself or others. And pot is just that, unharmful.

  5. I think they are checking the wrong polls if they are saying that the people in Oklahoma are not ready for legalized marijuana. The reasonings for not being ready are stupid to put it bluntly. (Pun not intended. But pretty funny). To say that the state wouldn't profit enough from it just yet. What does that mean? That the people can't profit from the medicinal value until the state feels like it can make more profits for their budget? Can you stand in front of a veteran and look them straight in the eyes and tell them that. And be OK with it? So alcohol is legal and marijuana isn't….why? Why could you not give marijuana the same rules as alcohol? No driving under the influence and so on?…. we are not stupid. We know it is not a cure-all. But we know it is a lot better than all these narcotics and opiates that doctors are legally allowed to prescribe to us to put in our bodies. Slowly killing our bodies with the side effects and turning us into addicts…. and then wondering why such a high percentage of Addicts in Oklahoma? Making patients take random drug tests like criminals to justify that doctors are doing their part to make sure prescription drugs are not abused.
    Marijuana is not being kept illegal because of the harm it could cause. It's being kept illegal for purely for political purposes. Because the politicians who are getting together for cards once a week, to smoke in their joint and have their drinks behind closed doors dont have the balls to stand up and say that there is more good in making marijuana legal then there is bad. Nobody wants to be the politician who has to attend church services and be known as the one to finally legalize marijuana. The day we have a state representative that does push to legalize marijuana…is the day that we might actually finally have an honest state representative for Oklahoma.
    The citizens in Oklahoma are not stupid. We know that marijuana is not a cure-all. But neither are the narcotics and opiates that we are being fed to deal with our pain.
    We also know that it is a safer drug… less likely to be addictive and more likely to have safer side effects. It's already been proven to help alleviate pain for so many.
    That on its own…is PRICELESS.
    You ought to be ashamed of yourselves for keeping that from those who could benefit from it.
    Hypocritical jerks who obviously don't have family members who are suffering from chronic pain. If your child or grandparent does come down with a disease that causes pain every day… Would you rather they receive morphine and oxycodone and antidepressants that also serve as nerve pain killers… or would you rather they receive medical marijuana.

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