1. PLEASE READ THIS INSTRUCTIONS ( FACT SHEET) For water test : 3 CUPS of water and 2 min.you don't need half a pot of water ; putting towel on the outlet is not a good idea because it obstructs the flow and puts pressure on the valve. the steam release knob can be turned halfway to smaller jet or full way for fuller jet. (you don't need to put a towel ). face should never come close or over on the hot pot and the venting knob could be turned on or off by tongs or a spoon in safer way. (there is no need to take a chance with safety )

  2. I dropped my instant pot and damaged the plastic lid and broke a handle. The inner parts seem perfectly okay, but I am going to take the thing outside and run a few water tests because Im scared it could blow. Stupid probably, i know. But thank you for this video, i didnt really understand the manual.

  3. Great video. And I appreciate you mentioning the anti lock (block)? shield…. The little silver thing inside the lid. Good to know. I just did the water test. I have Korean short ribs marinating.. This will be my first attempt tomorrow.

  4. Great video! I'm new to the electric instant pot, I do have a stove top pressure cooker that I used for many years. I cooked many delicious with my stove top cooker, but had to babysit it to make sure the rocker valve was functioning correctly. The new electric pressure cooker is going to be my favorite cooking appliance. I'm making bean and bacon soup as my first of many delicious meals.

  5. I just purchased our instant pot, then again purchased the glass lid for slow cooking as tasting the stews as they cook are one of our things, then adding just that little more something until we get the right flavor. I am curious, have you used your pot with the glass lid?

  6. What is wrong with my instantpot test?

    Float valve did poped up but steam came out of it and few water bubbles and later pressure went out of pressure valve instead of it in sealing mode?

    I didn’t hear the beaping sound when 2 mins finish or I got confused whether I heard it or not since I was as well the same watching YouTube water test demo… so can’t say about that .

  7. Great video for a first time user like me. Another YouTuber recommended preheating with a cup of water while you are preparing your food. That drastically decreased the wait time for my ox tails.

  8. It is the BEST of all the videos. My 3 qt DUO spews so much steam, and ricey water and milky oatmeal that my counters and cabinets are drenched and the food is undercooked and stuck to the bottom. I think the excessive steam release causes too much water loss and the poor condition of the food. I think I only need a new steam release but will have to return the whole pot due to non response from IPSupport. I used email, instant chart and phone. 9 days now.

  9. While not perfect, I want to seriously applaud you for editing your video, including in-video captions, and putting time-stamps in your description. I had to sift through dozens of videos where ladies spent 10 minutes saying "um" and "uh" and talking about why they bought an instapot (no one cares) and spending several minutes struggling with the appliance (and not cutting the footage) and with what to say because they didn't think about it before recording. The fact that you put in the extra effort to edit your video means a lot.

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