Whats up brothers and sisters watching all around our mother planet GAIA! I welcome us all with love and light and my respects, in this video i teach and show …


  1. Anyone here worried about a drug test???? Find my other comment and reply to it don't worry about shit brothers and sisters you are at the right place at the right time beyond belief know this! You can get through this mind over matter

  2. This vid is a game changer for the stoner community. Yes it works, yes you will pass if you give yourself at least 4 days to detox, pukka is a really good brand of detox tea. And it's delicious. Also, being vegan really does help, a lot. Not only are you doing your part as a human being. But cleansing toxins out of your body is most important. 20oz of water 1ce during morning. With a cup of tea, 20 oz of water and (optional) tea during the afternoon, and 20 oz of water and a cup of tea before bed, also like he said, run on a treadmill, ride a bike, or do some cardio and or yoga. And this is a guaranteed method to pass a drug test without harmful detox drinks or pills. Love and positive light to you brother. 🙏✌️ namaste fellow humans. 🕉

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