How Marijuana Is Good And Bad For You

Marijuana is the common term for cannabis that is derived from the plant Cannabis sativa. This plan has hundreds of chemicals in it called cannabinoids.


  1. Hi Dr. Tracey Marks.
    I have been researching Cannabis for the past ten years and I have personally experienced Amphetamine psychosis and sleep deprivation psychosis.
    Promazine was excellent in eliminating the symptoms.
    Upon researching on how Promazine works – I discovered that it is still not known if the Dopamine receptor is responsible for psychosis and schizophrenia (I would say that it is due to how Promazine stopped the hallucinations etc).
    Upon my research – I learnt that the cannabinoid 9-Delta-THC and the metabolite 11-Hydroxy-THC – only bind to the CB1 and CB2 receptors.
    I am also aware that dopamine is released when THC is active but THC does not bind the Dopamine receptor.
    However – there are many other chemicals/drugs such as opiates and endo-chemicals which also trigger a release of Dopamine – in the same way that THC does.
    We are told by scientists that THC surfaces underlying Psychosis and Schizophrenia in a person who already has the condition but was not showing any symptoms until the use of Cannabis.
    How was this determined?
    As THC does not actually bind to the Dopamine receptor – and there are many other chemicals which do, how is it determined that THC is the cause?
    If THC is the cause – how is it possible that all other drugs and natural body processes do not trigger psychosis and schizophrenia and if they do – why are they permitted but not Cannabis?
    Is it possible that the studies may have overlooked a different possibility?
    I personally have never experienced psychosis or schizophrenia from THC and I have taken very large doses.
    The only negative effect that I have experienced is worsened depression. That is expected because of serotonin depletion due to THC causing a release.
    Something in my brain keeps telling that the studies are either not accurate or the people participating in the studies have purposely given misleading results for whatever reason.
    I have been using Cannabis since the age of 15 and I am now 46.
    In all the years of meeting fellow stoners and other drug users at raves and festivals – not one person showed signs of psychosis or schizophrenia.

  2. This is probably the single most informative information I've heard regarding marijuana. In fact, information is so scarcely available I wasn't aware it existed. I've never smoked marijuana and frankly have no interest but this has cemented my decision.
    Thank you doctor.

  3. Medical cannabis is required to list THC and CBD (and other terpene and cannabinoid information)! If your medical marijuana dispensary doesn't list the percentage or milligrams of THC and CBD, find a different dispensary! Taking un-tested cannabis would be like taking an antidepressant a few at a time, instead of in an exact amount.

  4. What do you think about the research showing that CBD and CBD products (such as Marinol) work significantly better when taken in a 1:20, THC:CBD ratio? The THC is assumed to be somehow boosting the effects of the CBD, and the CBD actually eliminates the high THC normally would provide (for context, CBD is known to decrease the effects of THC. CBD weed is actually the cure for having taken too much THC weed.). Many medical cannabis dispensaries have products that are 90% CBD with only a few percent THC.
    I am also excited to see where research is going in terms of other cannabinoids, such as CBG, which has been shown to be an appetite suppressant!

  5. Hi! Thanks for the video.
    Are there any rebound effects after marijuana is out of the system? Such as, increased anxiety or paranoia. Some people use it for anxiety for the calming effect. However, after the 4 hours does it rebound and cause the anxiety to become worse? Seems like it would.

  6. Hi Dr. Marks! This is a question with complicated answers and I know there hasn't been much research done yet, but what do you think of the combination of SSRIs and THC? I do know that a small amount of THC can raise serotonin levels, but too much will do an opposite effect. I've been on 20mg of celexa and am a longtime smoker (3 years), but I feel like I've only been getting a little better. Maybe I should take a long break from THC?

  7. I have bipolar 2 and have had horrible experience with marihuana. I have never smoke it again after that time. I was disoriented, paranoid, I had nosia… It is just big NO for bipolar. Nice video.😎

  8. In Oregon, if you go into a cannabis store, they list the percentage of thc and cbd on the label and where it comes from. I just started using cannabis recently. I use cbd to manage pain and seizures. For me, if I smoke a sativa, then yes I become hypervigilant, paranoid, and have insomnia. I'm like the squirrel in Over the Hedge. Indica on the other hand does help with my CPSD. It's a toss up because I've tried so many prescriptions with little benefit. I've used cannabis and seen better results.

  9. I have one question for you for the people who take depakine 500 instead of Marijuana as a medication for Bipolar Disorder. So to prevent the mania and manic attack in a long term of medication, do I need to smoke a joint to cure my mental health or I continue take depakine 500 because I use this methods since my mid teen and I can't see the way to overcome when I feel depressed a lot for many reasons. I feel trapped and scared to lose the money for the medication that doesn't make my brain better…

  10. I am glad you put this video out. I had a stressor that locked up my body. I get this when i am in a highly stressful state. I did go to emergency. They gave me a shot to relax the muscle. I told my daughter she came down to check on me. She ordered some cbd oil for me and she explain to me it contains thc. I took it and it certainly calmed my body. I can feel the effects. Everything my body was experiencing. The relaxation the calmness i felt. I also felt the ability of my senses heightened. I became more careful. I had spacial impairment mildly. But i notice it. I was aware of my limitations and therefore i knew i could not drive a car or perform other activities. The main usage for this is to relax my body to help release the muscle tension i was experiencing. I see it is important to document the effects so that you are aware of what you are taking just like any other medicine. Again thank you for the video . . .

  11. Thank you for this video. I'm concerned about my son who started smoking weed this year. He has also been diagnosed with depression. He takes lamictal because they think he may have bipolar II because I have it. Should I be concerned especially now that he's taking Lamictal?

  12. Great video. One tid bit though in states where it is legal they are required to list the total thc and cbd content. That way people know what pot has what in it. Other than that its nice to hear someone give facts on both sides of the argument and not just claim its good or bad.

  13. Thank you for explaining this so well. Earlier this year I had to let go of a friend who also has bipolar II disorder. He was on several meds but smoked every night as well, for his anxiety according to him, & the next day he would not remember whole conversations we'd had. It became too stressful for me so sadly I had to end the friendship. I will be sharing this video.

  14. When I smoke for me it affects my short term memory, gives me a high sex drive, and gives me pain relief. I did smoke before adulthood and for a while I struggled with focus I feel like meditation has helped improve my focus.

  15. Personally I smoked Cannabis couple times because I noticed I had high moods for a week and being bipolar type 2 I thought it was a good thing, but when I stopped doing it I had anxiety and I think it has more chance to happen when I smoke several joints in a short amount of time, or maybe it is "luck based" ? Idk, anyway the anxiety gave me the motivation to never smoke again just like when alcohol got my low moods worse and I am fine like that

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