1. Izhaar Sahib Namaskar
    Kaya baat hai, bahoot khoob barhia Vedio
    God bless you, you are a very genuine Vedio maker, Narrator,maintain continuaty,Full information provider, A complete Guide, Trainer, God Bless you
    I am your country BORN An Indian from Delhi
    I want to grow Capcicim yellow,Red & Green, kindly refer my request in your part-1 Vedio for details
    My ❤️ regards to Izhaar Sahib
    And your Family

  2. Izhar bhai main may bhi planting ki hui hay shimla mirch ki abhi poday chotay hain maim nay dhoop main rakhay huay hay aur khaad 20 20 20 use ker raha hoon pot ka kia size rakhoon main

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