Coconut Coir: What it is and How To Use It In The Garden

Also known as coco coir, coco peat, coconut fiber, or many other branded names, this soil amendment and hydroponic medium is a fantastic addition to most …


  1. Like you mentioned, those bricks yield a pretty gnarly amount of expanded coir and can be pretty daunting to hydrate in one fell swoop. To make it a bit more manageable, I’ll take a hammer and large chisel and knock off chunks of coir as needed and hydrate it in a 5-gallon bucket or large tote. That method will also help to get the moisture into the interior of the brick if you are hydrating the whole thing at once.

  2. You make a quick referrence to choosing coir because peat and sustainability, but then mention using perlite. Are you aware it is a mined mineral? Rice hulls are a resonable alternative.

  3. Is it reusable? If so should it be rinsed to avoid salt build up or even composted? Also have you experienced that it sucks cal mag out away from plants? Thanks

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